Can I Still Get Compensated if I Was Partially At-Fault for My Car Accident?

Car accidents happen every day. While many collisions are caused by another driver’s reckless or careless actions, it is possible for injured parties to be partially at fault for their own wrecks.

If you are in this situation, you may be wondering, “Can I still get compensated if I was partially at fault for my accident?” The answer largely depends on the level of fault that gets evaluated and assigned to you by a jury or your insurance company. If you are found to be less than 50% responsible for the collision, you might have a case to get compensation.

Determining Partial Fault

If fault for your car accident is unclear, determining the degree of fault by all parties involved is placed on their insurance companies. The insurance companies then assign a percentage of fault to every individual based on their actions and role in the incident. In addition, claims adjusters are assigned to each case. They will thoroughly investigate the facts of your collision and help determine which party was more negligent.

Assigning Compensation

In most cases, your insurance company will cover the percentage of fault determined through the evaluation. Consider this example with two drivers, Drivers A and B, and damage totaling $10,000. If Driver A was found 70% at fault and Driver B was found 30% at fault, Driver B would end up recovering $7,000 of that 10,000. There are special cases, however, where the party most at fault could be required to pay for the entire claim.

Trust Your Claim to an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Today

If you were partially responsible for your car accident and are looking to pursue compensation, it is advised that you contact a knowledgeable car accident lawyer as soon as possible. This is because proving the degree of fault can be extremely difficult in situations where more than one party may be responsible.

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