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Million Judgment

Million Judgment

Million Settlement in Roadside Wrongful Death

Million Settlement for Traumatic Brain Injury by Commercial Truck.

Million Settlement for Pedestrian Struck by Truck

Million Judgment

All Coverage Paid in On-The-Job Wrongful Death

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Results & Reviews Results & Reviews

“You will not find a harder working team than Ronnie Hulsey and Rustin Smith. Both of these men went the extra mile to make sure justice was served when when my youngest daughter was injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver.”
Greg W. (father of client)

I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else. The way they helped me and my wife after her car wreck in her personal injury and workers comp cases was more than we could have hoped for. The best attorneys around!”
Phil C. (client)

“Ronny Hulsey recently represented me in a personal injury case. I was struck by a truck while running. The event was life-changing and shocking. From our first meeting, it was clear that he was concerned and empathetic. He wanted to help ME, not just win the case. His honesty, integrity and earnest desire to make a positive difference are rare and admirable. His hard work and dedication to my case led to a $1,000,000 settlement. I recommend Smith Hulsey Law without reservation!”
Stacey M. (client)

“I give Rustin Smith 10 stars. Rustin Smith represented us over the ‘long haul’ including a trip to the Georgia Appellate Court and he won. During the court hearings we did attend, it was clear that the judge respected Rustin as he put forth his arguments. Rustin was always responsive to our calls for progress reports and thorough in his explanations including his estimate of where the case would be going. His responsiveness and patient explanations were appreciated greatly, and the fact he never ‘talked down’ to us helped us a lot.”
Karin S. (client)

“Trial attorneys with expertise in serious bodily injury cases, including auto accidents and work-place injuries, as well as business disputes. They represent their clients zealously, and perform their craft with civility and professionalism.”
Scott A. (insurance defense attorney)

“Real down to Earth lawyers who really knows their stuff. They are easy going and will help you anyway they can. They also explain everything to where you can understand what they’re saying too you.”
Stoney W. (client)

“You will not be disappointed. They get things done.”
Ty S. (client)

“We are so grateful for Ronny Hulsey.  He worked tirelessly on my husband’s Worker Compensation case to make sure we got what we deserved.  He was honest with us and gave us a timeline on the case. And he was correct on it, which was a nice”
Myra P. (client)

“I recommend Smith Hulsey Law without question for workers compensation, auto accidents, and all other legal needs! The best in the business.”
Ken D. (insurance agent)

“Rustin is knowledgeable, compassionate, and honest always. He gave me sound legal advice in my case and was there for me all hours of the day.”
Sheryl C. (client)

“Ronny Hulsey is the best attorney hands down!  He does exactly what he says he will do.  He has your best interest in mind.  Ronny is honest, reliable and is there for you!  So glad to have this person to be on my side!”
Marie T. (client)

“[Ronny] went above and beyond to make sure justice was served when I was injured in an head on collision by a drunk driver. He did everything in his power to make sure justice was served and I would not Hesitate to call him again if I needed legal assistance. He cares about people!”
Rebecca B. (client)

“Rustin, is one of the nicest, hard-working young men I know. He believes in God, Family and serving his community with honesty and fairness. If you are looking for a law firm to treat you with respect and fight for you, as if you were family, it is the Smith Hulsey firm.”
Jan H. (client)

“Ronny Hulsey is an incredible man who loves his family and supports his community. And if you become his client, that’s what you’ll also become, his family.”
Natalie W. (client)

“Ronny Hulsey is without a doubt the most honest person I know. He has helped me with things on & off the course of his duty as a lawyer & never asked for a dime. Thank you so much Ronny for your help & honesty.”
Tommy P. (client)

“Rustin is hard-working, honest, and passionate about providing the best possible outcome for his clients. Would highly recommend these guys.”
Stephanie C. (client)

“After hiring Attorney Ronny Hulsey,  he was available to me 24/7, he even gave me his cellphone number so I could be in direct contact with him with any questions, or concerns. Attorney Ronny Hulsey enlighten me to benefits that I only received after hiring him, otherwise the company I was working for would have never brought up these entitlements had I not had Legal Representation. Ron Hulsey did an incredible job of getting all my benefits that I was entitled to under Workers Compensation Laws, all medical needs paid, bi-weekly paychecks while out of work, and Workers Compensation checks until a full recovery.”
Tom S. (client)

“Ronny Hulsey is one of the finest attorney’s I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. His knowledge and expertise in the field of personal injury law makes him among the top in his field.”
Jennifer C. (client)

“If you are looking for a lawyer that cares about your needs Ronny Hulsey is your guy! He went above and beyond to make sure justice was served when I was injured in an head on collision by a drunk driver.”
Traci S. (client)

“Great team of attorneys. I always get knowledgeable advice from Rustin.”
Derek C. (client)

“Whether you were in a car wreck, injured on the job, or have another type of personal injury Ronny Hulsey and his partner are the attorneys you want representing you.”
Jonathan F. (client)

“Great lawyers. Even better people!”
Alan H. (insurance defense attorney)

“These are men that I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my own mother to work with any given day. These are my go-to attorneys and I can’t express to you in words how much I stand behind their capabilities. In short, if you’ve made it to this page – call them, you’ll be glad you did.”
Beau W. (client)

“We have used Ronny Hulsey for a couple accident cases and feel that he did an exceptional job handling our cases…easy to talk too, and returns calls, good man…highly recommend”
Leah W. (client)

“Ronny Hulsey is not just a good lawyer–he is a good man. He is a faithful Christian with sterling integrity who fights hard for his clients, using his prodigious skills and intelligence to provide the best possible outcome in difficult situations.”
Connie W. (client)

“There is not a better lawyer out there than Ronny Hulsey. I was in a car accident in 2013 and he was a GOD sent to me as an attorney. He works hard for his clients and is the most honest person you will ever meet. I give him a 10+ star on his professionalisms and the way he care for each person. I have highly recommended him to friends and family and each one of them have been beyond happy that he helped them.”
Pam C. (client)

“Young, talented, a born negotiator! I could not be happier with my decision to entrust Ronny Hulsey with my most crucial legal matters. His extensive knowledge of the law is matched by his keen insights into what makes people tick. I would highly recommend Smith Hulsey Law to anyone who wants a firm that will not only deliver on its promises, but will exceed expectations!”
Deborah C. (client)