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Everyone suffers an injury at some point in their life. However, some injuries are so severe that a victim may suffer from symptoms for the rest of their life. These types of catastrophic injuries can result from various events, such as car crashes, workplace accidents, defective products, or even bad falls.

If you suffered severe harm due to another person’s careless or reckless behavior, a knowledgeable attorney could explain your options for pursuing compensation to cover your losses. Contact a Gainesville catastrophic injury lawyer at Smith Hulsey to discuss your situation. En español

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Various types of injuries could qualify as catastrophic. The following conditions are common examples of severe harm sustained in accidents:

The treatment for these injuries is costly and may require multiple surgeries, years of rehabilitative care, and ongoing assistance. Patients who lose a limb, become paralyzed, or sustain permanent brain damage will never fully recover from the harm they suffered. These victims may need help from caregivers or other forms of ongoing support just to continue their daily lives.

It can be difficult to understand the full impact these injuries can have on a person’s life going forward. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney could help a victim assess the full extent of their losses and seek a comprehensive award for damages.

Proving a Catastrophic Injury in Gainesville Court

Some catastrophic injuries are fairly obvious, such as when a person loses a limb. Other times, the consequences are more challenging to convey to a court. One example of this is when a person sustained a brain injury.

Serious brain injuries can cause significant cognitive challenges but have few external symptoms. In these cases, the victim’s attorney must illustrate the true extent of the person’s physical and cognitive limitations stemming from their catastrophic accident. Brain damage can even change a person’s personality, which might only be obvious to those who knew the person before they suffered their injury.

A dedicated lawyer at our firm could work with medical experts to break down complicated scientific evidence for a judge and jury. It is crucial for the judge and jury to understand the full extent of a victim’s injuries in order to recover a fair amount of compensation.

Costs Associated with Catastrophic Injuries

In Georgia, even a simple trip to the hospital can be expensive. When an injury requires extensive emergency care and surgeries, the medical bills can be financially ruinous. On top of that, many catastrophic injury victims are left unable to return to work after their accidents. As such, a damages award for a catastrophic injury must take all related economic losses into account.

Additionally, civil compensation can also cover the non-economic impact a severe accident has on a person, such as the loss of enjoyment of life, pain, and emotional trauma. Damages for catastrophic injuries must factor in these losses on top of medical expenses and lost wages.

These cases often involve complex calculations and projections of future expenses and lost income. As such, a catastrophic injury victim should work with a skilled local attorney to help determine the full value of their case.

Times Limits for Filing a Severe Injury Claim

It is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible for a severe injury, as the state’s statute of limitations is strict for these types of claims. According to Georgia Code Section 9-3-33, an injury victim has just two years from the accident date to file their claim.

Hiring a hardworking attorney early on is also beneficial when dealing with insurance companies. Without legal representation, a victim may say things to an insurer that could damage their case. A well-practiced catastrophic injury attorney could handle any communication with insurance companies on behalf of the victim and ensure that their rights are protected.

Let a Gainesville Catastrophic Injury Attorney Take Care of You

At Smith Hulsey, we understand the enormous impact a catastrophic injury can have on a victim and their family. Recovering damages in a civil suit is one way of easing the financial burden and holding the at-fault person accountable for the damage they caused.

If you suffered devastating harm in an accident, reach out to a Gainesville catastrophic injury lawyer today. Call our firm to set up an initial consultation and learn how we could advocate for you.

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