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Many people are taught at a young age to look both ways before crossing the street. However, even those diligently follow these precautions can be struck by negligent or reckless drivers. Vehicle collisions often leave impacted walkers with devastating physical, emotional, and financial damages.

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Impact of a Vehicle on the Body

Today’s cars are outfitted with numerous safety features to help reduce the damage of collisions and keep occupants safe. Although drivers and passengers may be saved by these features in the event of a traffic wreck, pedestrians are completely unprotected from external impacts and often suffer serious bodily harm. A collision with a vehicle could cause a person on foot the following injuries:

For these types of catastrophic harm, victims may need to undergo numerous, lengthy medical treatments to regain their pre-accident abilities. In some cases, they may never return to their previous quality of life. When the consequences are this severe, it is important for accident victims to contact a legal team that focuses on pedestrian collision cases. A skilled pedestrian accident attorney could work on behalf of an injured Gainesville resident to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies or present their case in court.

Traffic Safety Laws in Gainesville

Both drivers and those traveling on foot bear some level of responsibility for avoiding accidents. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated sets out specific safety duties for drivers and pedestrians.

Care Owed by Drivers

O.C.G.A. § 40-6-93 imposes a general obligation upon drivers to exercise reasonable care to avoid hitting walkers. This duty includes warning pedestrians of the car’s presence by honking horns, and taking additional care when approaching high-risk individuals, such as young, confused, or incapacitated individuals.

Because pedestrians generally have the right of way in Georgia, drivers are required to yield to those on foot in both marked and unmarked crosswalks, regardless of traffic safety devices (e.g., a green light). Once a vehicle stops to allow a walker to cross, all traffic traveling in the same direction must also halt. When crossing sidewalks to enter or exit driveways, alleys, or other private roads, drivers must allow walkers to pass before proceeding.

Rules for Pedestrians

Georgia Code §§ 40-6-90, 40-6-91(b), and 40-6-92 establish several rules that walkers must follow to ensure their safety. Pedestrians must:

  • Obey traffic control signals
  • Yield to vehicles if it is unsafe to cross
  • Refrain from unexpectedly stepping out into traffic
  • Avoid diagonal crossing
  • Use overhead bridges or tunnels designed for crossing when available

If an injured walker failed to abide by these laws, a defendant could use that as evidence of their responsibility for the accident. This could reduce or even bar any potential recovery award. Accordingly, a pedestrian accident survivior should work with a seasoned local lawyer to build a strong case against such allegations.

Seek Legal Support From a Gainesville Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Being hit while walking down the sidewalk or crossing the street could have major, life-altering consequences. If you were impacted by a traumatic vehicle collision, let an experienced legal team help you recover compensation for your medical bills, emotional harm, and future expenditures. In the last three years alone, we secured million-dollar recoveries in three separate cases. Contact a Gainesville pedestrian accident lawyer at Smith Hulsey to discuss your unique circumstances.

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