Client Success Story: Moving Forward after a Tragedy  

One of our most memorable client success stories involved an older woman who had lost her husband in a tractor-trailer accident. She kept her hands clasped tightly together as she recounted the event in our Gainesville office.

Her husband was a truck driver. On the day of his death, he told her, “I’m leaving for Perry, Georgia to take a load of equipment.” Thinking it was just another normal day of work in their life together, she responded, “Just be careful and I’ll see you tonight.”

He was headed down I-85 when he pulled over to check the straps on the truck. While he was up on the back of the tractor-trailer, a flatbed wrecker barreled down the highway and swerved into the back of his vehicle. Later, the driver would tell our client that her husband had looked up and closed his eyes before the impact took his life. “I’ll see you tonight” became the last words shared between them.

“When he died, I didn’t know what I was going to do,” said the woman. Her voice wavered, the pain still fresh. “I didn’t know where I was going to go. I didn’t know if I was going to have a home.”

Her tone strengthened as she spoke of what came next: how she met Ronny Hulsey, the kindness in his voice as he told her he would take care of her. Combining their legal knowledge with the commitment to provide for those in need, the attorneys at Smith Hulsey ensured that the woman and her grandson had what they needed to live on.

Why We Pursue Personal Injury Success Stories

We remember these client stories vividly because they are what fuel and motivate us to continue our work. Our lawyers are from the Gainesville area and grew up in blue-collar families in this community. We understand firsthand the pain, financial issues, and devastation that these accidents cause to hardworking folks.

For Rustin Smith, whose father was a tow truck driver, returning to help his community with these problems is a privilege. “Growing up, I wanted to start focusing on people that I knew, people in the community, and helping them in situations like this. Get them the help they need as soon as possible.”

“Our firm’s main goal is to provide a service to folks that is of the same quality that I would want delivered to my family if I was in their situation,” says Ronny Hulsey. At Smith Hulsey, we put service above self to provide relentless representation and fight for every client to have the success story they deserve.

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