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Bicycle riding is an excellent form of transportation and a good way to stay physically fit. However, there are dangers cyclists face when sharing the roads with motor vehicles. When a vehicle collides with a bicycle, cyclists often suffer severe injures because they have little protection around them.

Damages could result in a long recovery time, expensive medical bills, and missing extended periods of work. An eagle-eyed personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey could help someone recover compensation for their damages in a wreck. If a negligent driver caused you or someone you love to sustain injuries, contact a Clarkesville bicycle accident lawyer to discuss the details of the crash.

Common Causes of Vehicle and Bike Crashes

Bike collisions with a motor vehicle can cause devastating and life-altering ramifications. Some accidents involving vehicles and bicycles are common and often lead to severe injuries.

Rear-end Crashes

A rear-end collision occurs when the vehicle driver does not notice that a bike slowed down or stopped in front of them, subsequently hitting them from behind. This type of wreck commonly occurs because of motorists driving with distractions or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Right Hook Accidents

A right hook crash occurs when a vehicle driver passes a cyclist while heading in the same direction then makes a right turn in front of them. If the driver misjudges the bicyclist’s distance or speed, the side of the turning car can collide with the front of the bicycle.

Left Cross Collisions

A left cross wreck occurs when the motorist and cyclist approach an intersection from opposite directions. As the two drivers advance, the motorist turns left and collides with the bike that is crossing the intersection. The motorist may have misjudged how fast the cyclist is traveling.

Dooring Accidents

A dooring wreck occurs when the motorist opens their door directly in the path of a cyclist. The door abruptly blocks the bicyclist’s path, and they do not have time to turn or brake to avoid a collision.

After sustaining injuries in one of these crashes, a Clarkesville bike injury attorney could help someone file a claim to recover damages.

Aggressive Driving Regulations in Clarkesville

The state considers bicycles as vehicles, and because of that, cyclists must follow traffic rules applicable to all motorists on roadways. Cyclists also have the same rights to the streets as any other motorist.

Under Georgia Code §40-6-397, any driver who intentionally attempts to harass, intimidate, or injure a cyclist is violating state traffic laws. If a traffic court judge finds a person guilty of aggressive driving, they will receive a misdemeanor for aggravated behavior on their permanent criminal record. Any cyclists who sustain injuries because of an aggressive driver should contact a seasoned bicycle collision attorney in Clarkesville immediately.

Contact a Clarkesville Bicycle Accident Attorney Now

Bike wreck cases require a rigorous investigation to collect all evidence to prove the plaintiff’s losses in a civil court. Negotiations for settlements and trials in court are possible ways a legal case like this could unfold. If a reckless or negligent motorist caused you to sustain injuries, call a Clarkesville bicycle accident lawyer immediately to work on your investigation and claim. Call Smith Hulsey now to learn more about your options.

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