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Commercial 18-wheelers are a necessary part transporting goods throughout the country and state. Unfortunately, if a driver or big rig company is negligent, the outcome can be devastating. Truck crashes are not uncommon and if they happen, any injured person should reach out to a Smith Hulsey personal injury attorney right away.

If the carelessness of a commercial carrier driver led to your damages, a seasoned Oakwood truck accident lawyer could help analyze your case. Big rig companies have attorneys and large insurance agencies on their side, which is why it is important to enlist skilled legal counsel to get you fair compensation.

Causes for Oakwood Commercial Trucking Crashes

Trucker errors cause most wrecks like this, and usually, collisions are entirely preventable. Some of the common causes for commercial big rig accidents include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Lack of training
  • Defective parts and poor maintenance
  • Distracted driving

A knowledgeable attorney in Oakwood could answer any questions someone might have about what caused their 18-wheeler wreck. They could review the details of the accident to help a plaintiff prepare a claim for damages in civil court.

Distracted Driving Statute in 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Although cell phones, text messaging devices, and computers are prohibited to use while operating a motor vehicle, there are some electronics drivers are permitted to safely use.

Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-6-241, a commercial big rig driver can only use stand-alone devices that require one-button touch to begin or end a phone call. The statute describes a stand-alone device as any electronic a person uses to store videos and audio files with a single touch. These devices can include MP3 players, iPods, and other similar equipment.

This law does not include the use of emergency communication devices, CB Radio, ham radio, doctor-prescribed medical equipment, or built-in navigation systems. An injured person should reach out to an Oakwood big rig crash attorney to learn what type of device distracted the trucker in their accident.

How Could Insurance Agencies Impact a Big Rig Collision Claim?

Insurance representatives may sound like they want to help the injured person, but they actually work towards getting a claimant the least amount of payout possible. An Oakwood trucking collision attorney knows how these processes work and could work with the insurance agency on the claimant’s behalf. The attorney could relieve an injured person of the hassle of meeting with various insurance agencies and navigate legal paperwork for them.

Call an Oakwood Truck Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

If the recklessness of an 18-wheeler driver or company leads to an accident, you have the right to hold them responsible. Commercial 18-wheeler crashes can be complex cases because they usually involve multiple defendants and insurance agencies.

To ensure maximum compensation for your damages, reach out to a skilled Oakwood truck accident lawyer. An accomplished legal team could help determine fault, work with various insurance agencies, and handle litigation as needed. Call Smith Hulsey today to learn more about your legal options.

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