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Any accident that results in physical harm can be immensely disruptive to your life in the short term. This is especially true if your injuries directly lead to costly medical bills, substantial physical pain, and missing time from work to recover. However, if your accident causes any damage with debilitating or permanent consequences, such long-term losses often dwarf those you face immediately following the incident. Injuries of this degree may prove challenging to recover for effectively through a civil claim.

Pursuing a case with such high stakes could be much easier under the guidance of a skilled Braselton catastrophic injury lawyer. In addition to helping establish fault in your accident and navigating around common legal roadblocks, a dedicated personal injury attorney could also assist with identifying any future losses your condition may cause. Contact Smith Hulsey today to get started with pursuing the compensation you deserve.

What Makes an Accidental Injury “Catastrophic”?

In purely legal terms, “catastrophic” injuries are no different from any other type of personal injury. However, this term is how legal professionals and court authorities generally refer to injuries that cause a substantial loss of physical or cognitive function. Such damages can be expected to last for the injured person’s entire lifetime with little or no hope of long-term recovery.

Examples of catastrophic injuries that may occur due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful act include:

A Braselton catastrophic injury attorney could guide an injured party through every stage of a lawsuit or settlement demand built around damages of this nature. Legal counsel could ensure that all compensable losses are incorporated into the injured party’s claim and help hold the liable party responsible.

Recovering for Long-Term Forms of Harm

Part of what makes catastrophic injury claims uniquely complicated is that it is generally impossible to restore a catastrophic injury victim to their pre-accident state, regardless of how much civil compensation they receive. Because of this, the central purpose of a catastrophic injury claim is usually to maximize the injured person’s quality of life by mitigating the financial and personal impacts that their condition will have on them.

For example, if someone paralyzed in an accident can no longer hold gainful employment or participate in beloved hobbies, an ensuing civil case could demand restitution for both lost future earning capacity and lost enjoyment of life, in addition to other damages such as future medical expenses, home modification costs, and physical and psychological suffering. During an initial consultation, a catastrophic accident attorney in Braselton could clarify what damages might be available in a particular scenario.

Contact a Braselton Catastrophic Injury Attorney for Help

Sustaining life-long, permanent harm because of someone else’s recklessness is profoundly frustrating and devastating. While holding that person financially liable for their actions cannot completely erase the harm done to you, it could help minimize the losses you have to deal with because of your injuries.

A capable Braselton catastrophic injury lawyer could be a vital ally from beginning to end of your legal proceedings. Call the attorneys at Smith Hulsey today to learn more.

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