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Paralysis is a debilitating injury that causes the loss of movement and sensation in one or more areas of the body. Paralysis can occur after a person sustains trauma to the spinal cord. Any accident that compresses, fractures, or crushes the area around the spinal cord or vertebrae can lead to a long-term or permanent disability.

If a person’s negligence caused you to become paralyzed, a catastrophic injury attorney at Smith Hulsey could help you hold the liable parties legally responsible. Call a Braselton paralysis injury lawyer for more information or help with your claim.

Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries

Any accident that causes a person to sustain blunt force trauma or a tear to the spinal cord could cause paralysis. Examples of such accidents include:

  • Car accidents
  • Defective products, including vehicle parts
  • Construction site accidents
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents, a tumble down a staircase, and other premises liability cases
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Recreational boat accidents

A Braselton attorney could help assess the facts of a particular paralysis injury case and find the evidence needed to build a solid claim for damages.

The Different Forms of Paralysis

Generalized paralysis can be broken down into four groups, each affecting different parts and areas of the body. These groups include monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.


Monoplegia impacts one limb on one side of the body and can be an arm or a leg. It occurs when the trauma affects the nerves that control the paralyzed limb.


Hemiplegia affects the limbs on either the left or right side of the body. Depending on the trauma’s seriousness and place, the paralysis could be temporary or permanent.


Paraplegia is paralysis that causes the party to lose the ability to control movement or feel sensations in their legs and lower body. It could be complete or incomplete paralysis, meaning there is a partial or total loss of function.


Quadriplegia is paralysis affecting both arms, legs, and the torso. It can cause problems with sitting, bladder control, and breathing.

If someone has sustained any form of paralysis because of another person’s careless actions, a Braselton attorney could advise them of their options and guide them through the ensuing legal processes of their case.

Reduction and Apportionment of Damages

In some personal injury claims that involve paralysis injuries, the defendant may assert that the plaintiff shares responsibility for the accident. According to the Georgia Code Annotated § 51-12-33, the state follows a modified comparative fault rule. This means that if the court finds that the plaintiff is partly liable, they will deduct their portion of responsibility from the total award amount. If the court finds the plaintiff is 50 percent responsible, they will bar them from recovering compensation for the damages.

The Statute of Limitations

Under the instruction of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-33, the claimant must commence legal action within two years of the cause of action leading to paralysis. The petitioner must ensure they file the lawsuit with the civil court before the statute of limitations expires. A paralysis injury attorney in Braselton could answer any questions on modified comparative fault and the statute of limitations.

Trust a Qualified Braselton Paralysis Injury Attorney with Your Case

The spinal cord is among the body’s most vulnerable and vital organs, controlling many movements and other essential functions. Spinal cord trauma leading to paralysis could have debilitating consequences that significantly impact the rest of your life.

If someone else caused your injuries, you should not have to shoulder the burden of their actions. A Braselton paralysis injury lawyer could help you recover a fair settlement amount and achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Call Smith Hulsey today to schedule a consultation.

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