Vespa/Motor Scooter Accidents in Clarkesville

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Vespas and other types of motor scooters are convenient, stylish, and worthy of investment. You might find yourself zooming through the streets of Clarkesville on your way to work or school. Unfortunately, what starts as an easy commute could end in an accident because of a driver’s foolish actions.

When you or someone close to you is in a Vespa/motor scooter accident in Clarkesville, a trained motorcycle accident attorney could work to collect the compensation you most certainly deserve from an at-fault motorist.

Monetary Damages as a Legal Right of Action

Scooterists hurt in accidents with reckless motorists have a legal right to file a personal injury lawsuit. People dealing with significant bodily injuries after a motor scooter accident typically defer to a trained Clarkesville attorney to file the case on their behalf.

This legal representative gathers witnesses, physical evidence, and circumstantial evidence to show that the incident only happened because of a thoughtless driver. In Georgia, the person bringing the lawsuit and their attorney must prove the lousy motorist was over 50 percent liable for the incident.

With sufficient proof of liability, the injured scooterist will get money in the form of damages. These damages typically cover healthcare expenses, anticipatory costs, and intangibles such as the lingering heartache from losing someone. The defending driver’s counsel may try to assert that the hurt scooterist somehow added to their injuries. A dedicated lawyer could refute this assertion to maximize the amount of compensation available to an injured individual.

Scooterists Should Prioritize Safety After a Collision

Vespa riders are more at risk of an accident with a negligent driver because motor scooters offer very little protection. This reality, unfortunately, increases the possibility of severe or even fatal injuries. A back bumper incident could lead to a scooterist crashing into asphalt in a manner that results in brain damage or spinal cord injuries.

Following a collision, a rider should remain in place for paramedics and police officers to arrive. If a person believes they can safely retrieve their mobile device to call for help, they should use their best judgment before doing so.

Far too often, the decisions of an inattentive automobile can take the life of a driver. Families experiencing a wrongful death could bring forth legal action to demand restitution from the at-fault motorist. These cases come with many complexities, and while relatives are healing, dependents could retain a lawyer in Clarkesville with experience handling motor scooter accidents to obtain financial justice.

Unreasonable Drivers and Negligence

Large vehicles have a habit of not being friendly to motor scooter users. Many of these motorists are mistaken in believing they own the roads and take it upon themselves to engage in aggressive or careless conduct. Examples of negligent driving behaviors include:

Concerning tailgating, it is illegal for a vehicle to follow the car in front of it at an unreasonable and imprudent distance (Georgia Code § 40-6-49). The rule of thumb is the three-second rule. Essentially, it should take the following vehicle three seconds or more before it passes the same point as the front car. If a motorist causes a crash in which a scooterist sustains injuries, a Clarkesville attorney could get the rider financial atonement by establishing the at-fault motorist’s violation of their driving duties.

Connect With a Clarkesville Vespa/Motor Scooter Accident Attorney

Vespas and other types of motor scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation. Unfortunately, riders are left almost entirely unprotected in the event a driver gets overly aggressive or makes a careless mistake. When you or someone you love gets hurt in a Vespa/motor scooter accident in Clarkesville, call Smith Hulsey Law for legal support.

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