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After getting injured in a car wreck, you might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. However, you do not have to deal with the aftermath alone. A seasoned attorney at Smith Hulsey could help you understand your legal rights and pursue the monetary compensation you are entitled to.

There are different types of damages that a person can sue for, and a Flowery Branch car accident lawyer could help you learn more about your options. Our legal team could help with filing a claim and building a case for comprehensive recovery.

Liability for Auto Collisions in Flowery Branch

In Flowery Branch, Georgia, drivers must maintain liability insurance for their vehicles. This covers personal injuries and property damage in an accident. Penalties for drivers who do not have insurance can range from vehicle impoundment and license suspension to up to one year in jail.

It is best to let an experienced car collision attorney handle all communications with insurance companies. Insurance agents may try to pressure injured victims into accepting a lower settlement, and a skilled lawyer in the area could help prevent this from happening.

Accident While Driving Someone Else’s Vehicle

If someone caused an accident driving a vehicle that did not belong to them, the driver is solely responsible for the incident in most cases. However, if the vehicle owner knew or had reason to believe that the driver would be reckless or negligent, they could also be liable for damages. A knowledgeable attorney at our firm could help determine who may be held accountable for a car accident given the circumstances.

Comparative Negligence in Traffic Collision Cases

Drivers in Flowery Branch are subject to the state’s comparative negligence rule. Comparative negligence means that more than one driver can be at fault for an accident. Anyone who is proven to be at least 50 percent responsible for the accident cannot pursue damages even if they are injured. Working with a car crash attorney could improve a victim’s chances of contesting allegations of partial fault and preserving their right to compensation.

Tips for Handling the Aftermath of a Car Crash

If legal representation for the at-fault driver approaches the injured party requesting information about the accident, the injured person should not disclose anything until their own lawyer arrives. This could save them from accidentally admitting or implying that they had any fault in the collision.

When seeking medical treatment for injuries, a car accident victim should have the medical facility bill their insurance for the time being. Later, a victim could work with a skilled attorney to recover compensation for these costs. However, it is important to get the necessary treatment as soon as possible and document all medical expenses for a future claim. A hardworking car accident attorney at Smith Hulsey could help with this process.

Consult a Flower Branch Car Accident Attorney

After a vehicle accident, it is a good idea to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner a Flowery Branch car accident lawyer can start investigating the accident, the better. An early start may allow them to find evidence that could disappear weeks or even days down the line. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a traffic crash, do not delay scheduling a consultation with the skilled team at Smith Hulsey. Call us today.

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