Side-Impact Car Accidents in Flowery Branch

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Side-impact car accidents in Flowery Branch can have devastating effects on all parties involved. If someone else’s negligence caused your accident of this nature, you might have grounds to seek financial compensation from those responsible. By speaking with a car accident attorney from our firm, you could further understand your rights in this situation and how the legal process works.

A dedicated attorney from Smith Hulsey could help you determine fault for the accident and build a persuasive case for recovery. Contact our team today to schedule your confidential consultation.

How Side-Impact Accidents Could Happen

Side-impact car accidents are among the most frequent types of vehicle wrecks that happen on Flowery Branch roadways. It is not unusual for a driver to ignore or not see a traffic control signal regulating an intersection. If a defendant does not stop at a stop sign and enters an intersection where another car is already present, this could cause an accident. Furthermore, because the defendant failed to follow a rule of the road, the law may consider them to be negligent per se.

Side-impact incidents can also occur when two vehicles travel side by side on the same road. If a defendant does not check their blind spots before changing lanes or does not use their turn signal, they may cause an accident. While liability may not be as apparent in these kinds of side-impact cases, a local attorney could help to prove defendant fault in these instances as well.

The Statute of Limitations to File a Claim

State law strictly controls when a court will hear a case that alleges personal injury. Known as the statute of limitations, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-33 states that a plaintiff must file their case in court within two years of the date of their injury. If it is filed afterward, a court may not hear a case. To try and avoid dismissal, a hopeful claimant may wish to speak with a Flowery Branch attorney about when and how to properly file claims for side-impact car crashes.

Common Injuries in Side-Impact Accidents

Even the smallest vehicles can impart thousands of pounds of force during a collision. When this force comes into contact with a human body, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal.

Modern cars use airbags, crumple zones, and other safety features to protect occupants in case of an accident. Still, a direct hit from an oncoming vehicle may break arms or legs, separate joints, or cause heads to move violently from side to side. If someone else’s negligence caused the wreck, the injured party might have grounds for compensation to cover the medical costs associated with their resulting harm. A Flowery Branch attorney could help to connect these injuries to the side-impact car crash and demand appropriate payments to set things right.

Discuss Side-Impact Car Accidents in Flowery Branch with an Attorney

Side-impact car accidents in Flowery Branch can prove extremely dangerous. Even if you make a full recovery, you may have thousands of dollars of outstanding medical bills and weeks of missed work. If another driver was at fault for your accident, you could make a claim for compensation with the help of seasoned legal counsel.

No matter the circumstances of an accident, a determined attorney from our firm could help you demonstrate that a defendant’s negligence caused your injuries. By working with an experienced legal professional, you could build a strong case for compensation to help you get back on your feet. To discuss your case, call Smith Hulsey today.

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