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Head injuries can cause a range of severe medical complications. In the worst cases, a victim may never be able to fully recover. If head trauma results from an accident caused by another person’s negligence, they could be held liable for the injured victim’s damages.

However, bringing a successful traumatic brain injury (TBI) claim often requires extensive medical and legal knowledge. As such, it is necessary to work with experienced legal counsel, like the team at Smith Hulsey, with a background in handling catastrophic injury cases. A Gainesville traumatic brain injury lawyer could help victims and their family understand their legal options for recovering compensation and moving forward with their lives.

Moderate and Severe Brain Injuries

Moderate brain injuries can involve a loss of consciousness and PTI that lasts anywhere from one to 24 hours. Severe TBIs can cause comas, unconsciousness, and/or PTI for more than 24 hours. These more serious injuries will appear on a brain scan.

People who suffer any form of brain injury, even mild ones, may experience a variety of cognitive, emotional, and physical symptoms. The first step after any accident that affects the head or brain is to seek medical help. Afterward, a knowledgeable TBI attorney could help an injured Gainesville resident to pursue compensation from the person responsible for their accident.


Even minor brain injuries can cause serious harm and costly medical bills. For instance, mild concussions—a type minor brain trauma—often cause lasting symptoms and significant pain. It is important for anyone who suffers a concussion to seek medical advice even if they do not lose consciousness, or only lose consciousness for a moment.

When a person suffers a minor brain injury, they may experience post-traumatic amnesia (PTI). PTI involves a loss of memory and a state of confusion. In minor TBIs, the symptoms should last less than an hour. However, more severe forms of brain trauma could have longer-lasting effects.

Traumatic Head Injury Claims in Gainesville

In any injury claim, a plaintiff and their attorney must be able to prove that the defendant behaved negligently. However, traumatic brain injury cases often involve additional challenges beyond proving negligence.

For instance, brain trauma might not leave a victim with visible signs of injury. In minor TBIs and closed head injuries, the damage is caused when the brain collides with the inside of the skull. As such, the plaintiff could appear physically fine even if they sustained significant internal brain damage.

Because of this, a skilled local attorney will often work with expert witnesses to demonstrate the severity of a victim’s traumatic brain injuries to the court. This is critical in recovering the full value of a TBI victim’s losses.

Recovering Damages in a TBI Case

The damages available in a TBI claim will depend on the severity of the injuries and the defendant’s level of liability. If the plaintiff is found partially at fault, the court will reduce their damages. An injured victim should work with seasoned legal counsel to contest any allegations of fault and fight for the full, fair value of their TBI case.

Through a successful civil claim, a victim could recover damages for their medical costs, missed work, and other expenses. The law also allows recovery for pain and suffering. For severe cases, spouses may be able to collect damages for the loss of consortium. Speaking to a Gainesville attorney could help a person better understand the damages that might be available in their situation.

Let a Gainesville Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Take Care of You

When a person suffers severe injuries, the consequences can affect their emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing. A Gainesville traumatic brain injury lawyer could help victims pursue compensation and allow them to focus on recovery rather than worrying about medical costs.

If you sustained a TBI, reach out to Smith Hulsey today for a free consultation. Contact our team to learn how we could advocate for you.

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