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There are many federal and state laws that establish basic rights for nursing home residents and prohibit their mistreatment. Sadly, abuse and neglect are still all too common in these types of facilities. In addition, many elderly abuse victims are either unwilling or unable to communicate that something is wrong, placing a burden on family members to notice signs of poor treatment and take action against it.

If you have suffered any kind of neglect or abuse in an assisted living facility, or if you suspect the mistreatment of an elderly family member, call a dedicated personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey. Our Gainesville nursing home abuse lawyers have experience handling these types of cases and could work tirelessly to protect the wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

What does Nursing Home Abuse Look Like?

Elder abuse in nursing homes can take multiple forms, many of which may be difficult to detect. For instance, emotional or psychological abuse by a nursing home often occurs in private situations. In the same vein, physical and sexual abuse may not always leave visible marks, and even financial abuse could be hard to keep track of without close scrutiny.

In some cases, nursing home residents are not mistreated out of active malice. This type of abuse can also occur due to passive negligence by staff members, managers, or administrators of such facilities. Nursing home negligence may result from the following conditions:

  • Overworked nurses
  • Understaffed wings
  • Undertrained employees

No matter the reason, the physical and emotional consequences of nursing home neglect can be significant. Because of this, it is crucial for family members to pay close attention to any sudden changes in their loved one’s condition and to be proactive in cases of suspected mistreatment. Anyone who notices signs of elder abuse or neglect should contact a dedicated nursing home abuse lawyer in Gainesville right away to discuss the situation and identify an appropriate course of action.

Combatting Abuse in Gainesville Assisted Living Facilities

Under Official Code of Georgia §31-8-82, there are various parties listed as mandatory reporters of suspected long-term care facility resident abuse. Additionally, mistreated residents or their family members can take legal action against abusive or neglectful nursing homes. First, anyone who notices signs of elder abuse should reporting their suspicions to local law enforcement and/or the Healthcare Facility Regulation division of the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Afterwards, a concerned resident or family member could consult a local attorney on options for litigating against a long-term care facility for violations of a resident’s rights. A legal professional could explain the state Bill of Rights for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities or discuss various other grounds for filing suit provided by state and federal law.

Through a successful nursing home abuse claim, a plaintiff may be able to recover compensation for both economic and non-economic effects of the abuse. Assistance from a well-practiced nursing home neglect lawyer in the community is often crucial in establishing civil fault by a neglectful or abusive nursing home.

Contact a Compassionate Gainesville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

It can be devastating to discover that a caregiver or facility was abusive towards your loved one. In these difficult situations, it is important to take prompt legal action by seeking help from an experienced legal team.

During a private consultation, a Gainesville nursing home abuse lawyer could walk you through your options and help you pursue civil recovery. Call Smith Hulsey today to schedule your initial meeting.

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