Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Oakwood

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While modern technology has brought many benefits, it also brings drawbacks when it comes to road safety. Mobile devices can be invaluable in an emergency and for communicating on the go, but they also represent a dangerous distraction for drivers. This is especially true for those who text while driving.

Texting while driving car accidents in Oakwood are unfortunately common. These collisions typically occur because a distracted driver does not notice a potentially dangerous scenario until it is too late to react. If you sustain injuries because of a driver who was distracted by their phone, a dedicated auto accident attorney could help you pursue justice.

What Makes Texting While Driving Dangerous?

Texting while driving is undoubtedly a dangerous behavior. When drivers text behind the wheel, their attention is pulled away from the task at hand, delaying the driver’s reaction times and impairing their decision-making abilities. In other words, texting and driving increases the risk of a collision with another driver, a fixed object, or even a pedestrian. Every time a motorist diverts their attention from the road to read a text message, they increase the risk of causing a devastating crash.

Texting while driving constitutes legal negligence. When negligence results in a motor vehicle accident, financial compensation could be available to injured parties. An Oakwood attorney could develop evidence into a sound argument showing the court the defendant was texting at the time of the car crash.

Compensation After a Texting While Driving Crash in Oakwood

No one wants to be involved in an accident, especially with a texting driver. The injuries that come with this type of crash can be severe. Through a successful civil claim, injured parties can recover compensation from the texting driver and their insurance company. Some types of damages that may be available in these cases include the following:

Medical Costs

Recovering the costs of medical care is the primary concern for most personal injury plaintiffs. When a texting driver causes a crash, they could be on the hook for the medical bills resulting from any injuries they caused. This includes payments for immediate medical care, hospital stays, surgeries, and medication.

Property Damage

In many situations, collisions involving distracted driving result in major damage to other vehicles. A successful personal injury lawsuit could lead to a monetary award based on the cost of replacing or repairing a plaintiff’s damaged property.

Lost Wages

Lost wages could also be recovered through a personal injury lawsuit. After an accident caused by a distracted driver, injury victims are often too hurt to work during their work. Some accident survivors may never be able to work in the same capacity again. Financial compensation for these lost wages can provide essential relief throughout this challenging time. A local attorney could help build a comprehensive claim that considers all of an injured party’s losses following a vehicle wreck caused by someone who was texting and driving.

Call an Oakwood Attorney About Texting While Driving Crashes

Texting while driving car accidents in Oakwood are as dangerous as they are avoidable. A momentary lapse in focus is all it takes to cause life-altering harm. If you experience injuries resulting because of a distracted motorist, you deserve fair compensation. Reach out to Smith Hulsey Law as soon as possible for a confidential consultation.

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