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A paralyzing injury is one of the most devastating types of harm a person can sustain in an accident. Beyond the physical and emotional damage, a paralyzed person may also struggle with significant financial burdens long into the future, especially if they are left unable to work in the same capacity as before.

As such, having help from a seasoned Oakwood paralysis injury lawyer can be absolutely essential to pursue compensation in a lawsuit or settlement demand. If you or a loved one suffered a paralyzing accident caused by someone else, let a diligent catastrophic injury attorney at Smith Hulsey work to recover restitution for all your present and future losses.

Proving Fault for a Paralysis Injury

Whether an accident results in a minor injury or a permanent disability, the burden of proof in a personal injury claim is the same. In order to compel a defendant to pay for their losses, a plaintiff must show that the person was legally negligent in some way. This means that the defendant owed a duty of care, breached that duty, and directly caused injuries through that breach.

Damages in Claims Where Someone is Paralyzed

What makes paralysis claims uniquely complicated is that these types of injuries have long-lasting effects. A comprehensive claim for compensation must include the value of projected future losses as well as those that have already occurred. For example, a person who becomes paraplegic after a car wreck deserves compensation for their immediate medical expenses as well as any rehabilitative care required in the future. Determining how much compensation will be necessary to cover all their future medical needs is a job for a skilled paralysis attorney.

In addition, comprehensive recovery for paralysis should account for non-economic forms of harm like lost consortium, lost enjoyment of life, and physical pain associated with the plaintiff’s injury. These all have subjective definitions and values that vary from case to case. Representation from an experienced Oakwood attorney is crucial when establishing what damages a paralyzed victim will experience and what level of compensation they deserve for them.

Filing Deadlines for Paralyzing Injury Claims in Oakwood

Despite the lifelong complications that come with paralyzing injuries, the same statutory filing deadline that applies to non-catastrophic injury claims also applies to paralysis claims. Under Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33, a plaintiff generally has just two years after sustaining and/or discovering their injuries to start pursuing civil litigation.

Failure to abide by this deadline allows a defendant to motion for a court to throw the case out immediately. A local paralysis accident lawyer could advise victims of the relevant deadlines and help pursue a compelling case in a timely manner.

Get in Touch with an Oakwood Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

A paralyzing accident can affect the lives of a victim and their family long into the future. Because of that, seeking effective civil recovery can be particularly complex, especially for someone recovering from this type of severe harm.

Let the dedicated attorneys at Smith Hulsey handle your case while you focus on getting your life back together. Seeking guidance and support from an Oakwood paralysis injury lawyer could increase your odds of getting the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation by calling our firm today.

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