Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Winder

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Side-impact truck accidents, also called T-bone crashes, occur when a truck strikes another vehicle on its side. These collisions can often be severe because the side of a car has less material to protect the occupants than the front and back.

Traffic incidents are almost always the result of negligence, and when you have experienced harm, you have every right to pursue a settlement from the liable party. Our local truck accident attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law are well-practiced in handling side-impact truck accidents in Winder and could help you navigate the legal system.

What Causes T-Bone Truck Crashes?

T-bone truck crashes usually happen after a trucker fails to yield to another driver with the right of way. They can also occur when the driver fails to come to a complete stop for traffic lights and stop signs. Other common causes of side impact wrecks include:

Our attorneys are experienced in handling lawsuits from side-impact truck crashes in Winder. As we build a case, our team could speak to eyewitnesses and experts and thoroughly review the evidence to find the cause and responsible party.

Side-Impact Collisions Lead to Severe Injuries

The outcome of all crashes involving semi-trucks can be severe, particularly for side-impact collisions. When drivers or passengers are sitting at the place where the truck strikes the vehicle, the consequences can be deadly. Some examples of common injuries include:

  • Soft tissue damage and lacerations
  • Neck injuries and severe whiplash
  • Broken legs, arms, hips, and pelvic fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Spinal cord trauma leading to permanent paralysis

Our lawyers are well-practiced in understanding the civil claims process as it relates to Winder side-impact truck collisions. They could use their years of experience and knowledge of the area to help collect the maximum award to cover injuries and other losses sustained in the accident.

Recoverable Damages for Injury Claims

Recoverable damages depend on the extent of injuries and actions that caused the crash. Side-impact collisions often cause significant damages, and the award amount could be substantial.

Recoverable damages may entail the cost of medical care related to the accident, ongoing treatment, medical equipment, lost pay and benefits, earning potential, and house renovations. The court will also likely award noneconomic damages, including emotional distress, permanent disabilities, and pain and suffering.

Modified Comparative Fault Rule

The injured motorist in the truck crash claim may share part of the fault for the collision, and for those cases, the civil court follows a modified comparative fault rule to calculate the award for damages. The Georgia Code Annotated § 51-11-7 provides that when the person with injuries is seeking damages from side-impact truck wrecks fails to act reasonably and take the appropriate steps to avoid harm, the court will diminish the settlement amount by their percentage of fault.

If the injured person’s part of responsibility for the cause of action is less than the trucker’s fault, they will not bar them from recovering an award for damages. For example, when the total cost of damages is $150,000, and the jury finds the injured motorist is 15 percent liable, the compensation they could collect is $135,000. Building a solid case to establish the trucker’s fault in side-impact wrecks is crucial for recovering a fair settlement to cover injuries and losses in Winder.

Call an Attorney Experienced With Winder Side-Impact Truck Accidents Today

Truck drivers must remain professional, follow safety regulations, and use caution to avoid causing harm to others. When their carelessness causes crashes, you have the right to hold them financially responsible.

The diligent lawyers at Smith Hulsey Law are qualified in handling lawsuits to recover damages for side-impact truck accidents in Winder. We could help you through the civil court procedure to collect a fair award. Call our firm soon to schedule an appointment when you need help with a case.

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