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Pedestrian accidents are traumatizing events that could leave you with debilitating, life-long injuries. In many instances, such as at a crosswalk, the pedestrian has the right of way. If a negligent motorist is responsible for your accident, you might have the legal grounds to pursue financial compensation.

Distracted driving is hazardous for pedestrians and other motorists alike. If you have sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence, a Braselton pedestrian accident lawyer could help you recover damages for your injuries. Call Smith Hulsey today to discuss your legal options with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Possible Pedestrian Accident Injuries

If a negligent motorist hits a pedestrian, the accident may leave them with severe injuries that could cause long-term or permanent disabilities. Pedestrians must seek medical attention immediately after an accident to ensure they receive the necessary care for their injuries. Additionally, treatment could help establish damages of which they can pursue from the liable party. Each pedestrian accident is unique, meaning that the injuries possible will vary.

Severe Head, Brain, and Neck Injuries

When a pedestrian suffers severe head, brain, back, and neck injuries, the consequences can be devastating. Damages could include mild concussions, traumatic brain injuries, neck sprains, spinal cord damage, or whiplash.

Upper-Body Injuries

Pedestrian accidents may lead to upper-body injuries that can be mild to severe. When a car is heading toward the pedestrian, they typically put their arms in front of them and suffer severe defense wounds. Typical injuries include broken arms, elbows, shoulders, and hands.

Lower-Body Injuries

Lower-body injuries are also possible in pedestrian accidents because that is often the point of impact. The pedestrian could suffer broken legs, hip, pelvis, or permanent knee damage.

Following the initial impact of a vehicle, pedestrians may also sustain injuries from forcefully landing on the road. A Braselton attorney could answer questions on the perennial damage recovery in specific claims.

Compensation to Cover Damages for Pedestrian Accidents

After the claimant establishes that the motorist’s negligent actions caused the accident, the court may award damages. Awards could cover past, current, and future medical expenses, missing time from work and future earning potential, and mental anguish and physical pain and suffering.

Crosswalk Safety for Motorists and Pedestrians

While state laws protect pedestrians in many circumstances, those traveling on foot must also act reasonably to avoid accidents. Per the guidance of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-6-91(b), when motorists approach a crosswalk, they must come to a complete stop and allow pedestrians to cross the street safely.

Drivers must also stop for pedestrians approaching a crosswalk at the same time. However, safety regulations strictly prohibit pedestrians from suddenly stepping off the curb and into the path of a vehicle.

If a car is already traveling through the crosswalk, pedestrians must wait until it is safe and clear to step into the road. An attorney in Braselton could analyze the evidence to determine if a motorist’s failure to follow state safety rules and regulations caused the pedestrian accident.

Schedule a Consultation with a Braselton Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If a negligent motorist caused your avoidable accident, you might be able to hold them legally responsible for your suffering. A civil claim could allow you to collect the compensation you need to cover damages.

A Braselton pedestrian accident lawyer could handle the legal work and communications while you recover from your injuries. Contact Smith Hulsey today for help with building a solid claim for compensation.

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