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Sustaining an injury in an accident often means months of healing and expensive financial losses, but in most cases those impacts are ultimately temporary. However, if an incident causes permanent damage, civil recovery is not just a matter of ensuring your financial security, but also giving you the best quality of life possible in spite of the harm you suffered.

Assistance from a personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey who is knowledgeable about high stakes claims like yours can be essential to preserving your best interests. A qualified Clarkesville catastrophic injury lawyer could work tirelessly through your case to recover the compensation you deserve for the harm you experienced.

What Makes Catastrophic Losses Unique?

There is no difference between a standard injury and a severe injury in terms of civil liability. Anyone who causes physical harm directly through their own negligence may bear liability for all consequences of that harm, regardless of how minor or severe it is. What differentiates these claims from other forms of personal litigation is the extent to which the losses will permanently change the life of the person who sustained it.

Legal professionals generally understand catastrophic injuries to be those with permanent and debilitating consequences. They often necessitating full-time in-home care for hurt individuals and a substantial and irreversible decline in their quality of life. These can include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain damage
  • Internal organ trauma
  • Loss of limb
  • High-degree burns
  • Any injury leading to blindness or deafness

Because of how all-encompassing damages like this can be, claims based on devastating accidents often have high values, making them crucial to pursue properly. Guidance from a knowledgeable Clarkesville catastrophic accident attorney could be essential to securing a favorable resolution to this kind of settlement or lawsuit.

Recovering for Damages within Clarkesville Filing Deadlines

By necessity, severe injury claims often focus on long-term damages stemming from an accident. These could include lost future earning capacity, future medical and rehabilitative expenses, lost enjoyment of life, and lost consortium. Short-term damages like emergency medical bills and personal property damage can also be factored into a claim, depending on someone’s unique situation.

The compensation someone with a serious injury may recover is almost always based on an estimation of what losses their harm will cause in the long-term. This element of prediction is caused to the two-year statutory filing deadline to which claimants are still beholden. Once again, a seasoned devastating injury attorney in Clarkesville could provide irreplaceable help building a comprehensive claim within this time limit.

Contact a Clarkesville Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

While a civil damage award or settlement cannot replace permanent loss of bodily function, it can still play a key role in the recovery process. By minimizing the financial and personal costs you have to bear, you could maximize your quality of life while also ensuring some degree of justice for the harm done to you.

A Clarkesville catastrophic injury lawyer could discuss your options in a private setting during an initial consultation. Schedule yours by calling Smith Hulsey today.

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