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Paralysis is a common consequence of many accidents and intentional acts of violence. An event that results in direct damage to the affected body part, spinal cord, or brain may cause you to lose control over an extremity. If the brain’s electrical signals are unable to move to the rest of the body, the result is partial or total paralysis.

If these symptoms were the result of a failure on the part of another to keep you safe, you could seek out compensation for your losses. A diligent catastrophic injury attorney at Smith Hulsey could help you file for medical bills, lost wages, and payments for lost quality of life. A Clarkesville paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help you to measure your losses and hold all liable parties responsible.

Paralyzing Injuries that May Lead to Clarkesville Civil Cases

Paralysis results from a loss of communication between affected body parts and the central nervous system. Sadly, this damage can occur under a variety of circumstances. Any incident that can result in trauma to a person’s body has the potential to result in paralysis.

Typical examples where a paralyzing injury may be another party’s fault include:

A Clarkesville paralyzing injury attorney could take the lead in gathering evidence concerning the incident. This includes proving that another party was to blame for the accident and holding them responsible for the resulting damage.

Demonstrating How Paralysis Has Impacted a Person’s Life

There is no doubt that an incident that results in someone becoming paralyzed will change every part of an individual’s life. Even so, local law says that affected people bear the burden of showing this extent and connecting those losses to the actions of liable parties.

Regardless of the source of the injury, these cases revolve around the costs of all necessary medical care. This includes past care received after the incident and estimated costs for future rehabilitation. Hurt parties could also seek out payments for the reductions in their quality of life due to the incident. This can include pain, suffering, and other emotional traumas.

A paralysis attorney in Clarkesville is prepared to take the lead in measuring how an incident has changed a person’s life and connecting those changes to the defendant’s actions.

Contact a Clarkesville Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

Incidents that result in someone becoming paralyzed are among the most severe examples of personal injury cases. The outcome of your claim determines your legal rights and financial stability for the foreseeable future. It is best to approach these cases with an understanding of the law and with the confidence needed to demand appropriate compensation.

A Clarkesville paralysis injury lawyer could help you to prove your case. They take the lead in performing a full investigation into the incident and holding at-fault defendants liable for their actions. They can also seek out full compensation for your past losses and estimate a dollar figure that will help to stabilize your future life. Reach out to Smith Hulsey today to schedule a consultation.

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