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Although the spine’s vertebrae offer the spinal cord some measure of protection from external impacts, it is still susceptible to injury. If an accident caused by another person’s negligence leads to you sustaining serious spinal cord trauma, that person’s single careless act could have lifelong repercussions for you.

Fortunately, you may have legal recourse to demand financial compensation for the harm done to you with assistance from a Clarkesville spinal cord injury lawyer. These cases tend to be fact-intensive endeavors, so seeking help from a catastrophic injury attorney at Smith Hulsey with experience handling these claims could be key to effectively protecting your best interests.

How Negligence Could Cause Life-Altering Spine Trauma in Clarkesville

There are numerous circumstances under which someone’s failure to follow a duty of care could lead to a person sustaining permanent spinal cord damage. These circumstances could range from traumatic auto accidents and mistakes by medical professionals to accidental falls and even awkward collisions during athletic events. When it comes to determining the severity of spine damage, the important thing is where on the spinal cord the injury happened and the extent of physical damage done.

Paraplegia and Quadriplegia

Damage to the spinal cord invariably causes a gap in communication between the brain and other parts of the nervous system. Because of this, spinal cord injuries closer to the neck and brain cause more widespread harm than those closer to the tailbone. Lower spine injuries may result in paraplegia below the waist, while injuries higher up can cause quadriplegia of the entire body below the neck.

Complete Spinal Cord Severs

Additionally, injuries that involve the spinal cord being completely severed at the injury site are always permanent and result in total paralysis, whereas incomplete injuries may give some hope of long-term recovery. Regardless of how significant the impact of a spinal cord injury is, a dedicated Clarkesville attorney could help make the most of any ensuing civil litigation.

Recovering for Past and Future Damages

The main thing that makes spinal cord injury lawsuits different from litigation over other types of personal injuries is the often-permanent nature of it. Because so many people with spine damage have no hope of ever returning to their pre-accident condition, civil recovery focuses on improving the plaintiff’s quality of life and minimizing the negative impact of their injury.

In practice, this means spine trauma claims center around restitution for long-term harm more so than short-term harm. With support from a qualified spinal cord accident attorney in Clarkesville, it may be possible to demand recovery for:

  • Future medical and rehabilitative care costs
  • Permanent loss of earning capacity
  • Home/vehicle modification expenses
  • In-home care costs
  • Lost enjoyment of hobbies
  • Lost consortium
  • Physical pain and suffering

Call the trusted legal team at Smith Hulsey today to learn how to file for compensation for these losses and more.

Speak with a Clarkesville Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

There is no easy path forward after a traumatic spinal cord injury, especially one that could have been avoided. In this kind of scenario, having professional legal help can be especially crucial to protecting your future and ensuring you can live comfortable despite the immense harm you sustained.

A compassionate Clarkesville spinal cord injury lawyer could provide the custom-tailored assistance you may need to achieve the case outcome you deserve. Call Smith Hulsey today for a private consultation.

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