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People who suffer harm while visiting someone else’s land face an uphill battle if seeking out the compensation that they deserve. State law says that only certain types of people are able to demand payment for accidental damage that occur on others’ property.

A Clarkesville premises liability lawyer may be able to help you to prove these vital concepts in your case. They can work to explain your rights under the law and establish the idea that a landowner owed you a duty of protection. A Smith Hulsey personal injury attorney then measures how the event has impacted your life and seeks out appropriate compensation for your losses.

Landowners Have a Duty to Protect Certain Guests

Incidents that occur on someone’s land are among the most common sources of personal accident cases in the area. Even so, this simple concept does not mean that an owner is liable for that event. State law places visitors into one of three categories. Determining under which category a person falls is always the first step in premises liability cases.


The only people who can collect compensation following an accidental injury on someone else’s premises are called invitees. These are people who enter the property for the benefit of the land’s owner. This usually involves spending money, such as paying for groceries.


The other two categories are licensees and trespassers. Licensees enter the land with the owner’s permission but for the visitor’s benefit, such as guests for a dinner party. A premises liability attorney in Clarkesville could work with people to determine their rights under state law.


Trespassers are individuals who enter land without the owner’s permission. The owner must only prevent harm that occurs from their own intentional acts of violence or wanton disregard for the safety of the visitor.

Examples of Dangerous Premises Incidents and Compensation

Almost every example of an injury that someone suffers while on someone’s property falls under the umbrella of premises liability. These cases allege that the owner did not take proper steps to protect the well-being of the guest. Most examples are accidents, meaning that no party intended to cause harm. These may include slips and falls, injuries that result from poor maintenance, or failures to clear standing water or snow.

Other injuries result from the criminal acts of third parties. If this is the case, the owner may share responsibility if they did not have adequate lighting or if they had improper security measures that enabled an attacker to strike.

Compensation in Property Accident Cases

Individuals who can prove an owner was liable may collect full compensation for their losses. This can include medical bills, lost income, and payments for emotional trauma. A Clarkesville property accident attorney may be able to help prove fault and properly measure a person’s losses to seek out appropriate payments.

Reach Out to a Clarkesville Premises Liability Attorney Now

Landowners have a duty to protect guests who enter their property. However, the extent of this duty depends upon the guest’s reason for entering. If an owner fails to provide this protection and an injury occurs, they are then liable for all resulting damages.

A Clarkesville premises liability lawyer could take the lead to prove these concepts in talks with insurance companies or in court. This may help you to collect the compensation that you need to cover your medical bills and get your life back on track. Contact Smith Hulsey now to discuss your options.

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