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Injuries caused by slipping, tripping, or falling are common and can cause life-altering changes in a person’s life. If a negligent property owner caused you or someone you love to suffer from severe injuries, contact a Clarkesville slip and fall lawyer to begin working on your claim.

If the person responsible for the property failed to fix hazards or warn visitors of the dangers on their property, you could have the right to recover compensation for your injuries and losses. A Smith Hulsey personal injury attorney could help you fight for the compensation you deserve after an incident like this.

What Could Cause Someone to Fall?

The law requires the person responsible for the premises to fix any potential hazards within a reasonable time frame. Further, they must warn visitors of the danger until they repair it. Some of the common causes for slip, trip, or fall could include:

  • Wet surfaces and floors
  • Defective or missing handrails on stairways
  • Poor lighting
  • Icy sidewalks, parking lots, and walkways
  • Chipped and crumbling sidewalks and parking lots
  • Obstructions or debris
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Ripped or shredded carpeting

After sustaining injuries on the property of a negligent property owner, it is vital for the hurt person to contact a Clarkesville trip and fall attorney immediately. These types of cases are complex and require a detailed investigation, so it is imperative it begins right away.

Tripping and Falling Injuries

Damages can be serious in slip and falls, especially if the person falls a long way down, such as down a stairwell. Common damages may include cuts, scrapes, bruises, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, spinal injuries, paralysis, and traumatic head injuries (TBIs). The accidents are often traumatic, painful and leave the injured person with massive medical bills and missing time from work.

A well-versed attorney in Clarkesville could help someone determine what injuries they could demand compensation for after slipping and falling.

Statute of Limitations in Clarkesville

State law sets a time limit for a person to file a claim to recover compensation for damages with the court. Under Georgia Code Section § 9-3-33, the plaintiff in a slip and fall lawsuit has up to two years to file the legal action. The statute’s strict deadline is unalterable in most cases.

If the injured party files the lawsuit after the time limits expiration period, a court may dismiss the case and leave them no other options for recovering damages. The civil court may grant an exception called the discovery rule. This means if the plaintiff is not immediately aware of their injuries after an accident, the statute will begin running when they discover their injuries.

An experienced slip and fall injury attorney in Clarkesville could help someone ensure they file legal documents with the court within the statute’s requirements.

Enlist a Clarkesville Slip and Fall Attorney to Help Now

If a property owner caused you or someone you love to sustain injuries, it is essential that you contact a Clarkesville slip and fall lawyer right away. Because these cases require detailed investigation, evidence review, and litigation, it is best to begin working on the claim immediately after an incident. It is also important to remember the state’s strict filing deadlines.

Remember that you do not have to go through this stressful and painful time alone. Call Smith Hulsey today to learn more about your legal options and start working on your case.

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