Side Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents in Cleveland

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When one vehicle hits the side of another car, the impact could total the struck vehicle, and occupants may suffer life-changing injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, you may face challenges recovering from physical injuries while having to afford a new car and medical bills.

Side impact and T-bone car accidents in Cleveland are alarmingly common. If a T-bone crash upended your life, a trusted car accident attorney could help you explore potential legal remedies. Our dedicated team could help you file a personal injury claim for the compensation you need and deserve.

Causes of T-Bone Crashes

Side-impact collisions happen when one car hits another vehicle on its side, either head-on or at an angle. In Cleveland, T-bone collisions almost always occur at intersections, when one car that is turning slams into another car that is going straight.

The primary cause of T-bone crashes is when a motorist fails to yield or stop at a traffic light or stop sign. Many different risky driving behaviors can lead to these circumstances. Often, a driver who is distracted, for example, by checking a text, might notice when a traffic light turns red. Similarly, drunk or drowsy drivers might not be alert enough to recognize changes in traffic patterns. Motorists who are overly impatient and recklessly drive to get to their destinations can cause T-bone wrecks by driving too fast or aggressively changing lanes.

Aftermath of Side Impact Car Wrecks in Cleveland

Most modern motor vehicles have a wide range of safety features, such as seatbelts, airbags, and bumpers that protect people in front or rear-end crashes. Even a vehicle’s hood and trunk provide a buffer from the impact of an oncoming car. However, this protection does not exist on the side of most cars. Often, the side door is the only thing shielding passengers and drivers from the impact of a T-boning vehicle.

Consequently, side-impact wrecks in Cleveland frequently result in significant bodily harm to the occupants of the struck vehicle. A fast-moving car can crush the people sitting on the side of the impact in the struck vehicle, resulting in catastrophic and even fatal injuries. These types of accidents can also lead to secondary collisions, where the struck vehicle spins around into other cars, causing a multi-car catastrophe.

Trust Our Attorneys to Fight on Your Behalf

When someone else’s reckless behavior causes a T-bone or side impact crash, injured people may have the right to pursue compensation from them. Many different types of evidence could help prove fault in a personal injury claim. Examples include:

  • Police records
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Video footage, including from witnesses’ cell phones, nearby home or business surveillance cameras, traffic cameras, and dashcam footage

Our Cleveland lawyers could also work with accident reconstruction experts in order to demonstrate why someone should be held responsible for a side-impact vehicle collision.

Meet With a Cleveland Attorney After a Side Impact/T-Bone Crash

Side impact/T-bone car accidents in Cleveland can result in debilitating and costly injuries. When a reckless motorist hits you, a skilled lawyer could help you evaluate your injuries and what types of financial damages you may be able to recover.

The legal team at Smith Hulsey Law could use our negotiating and courtroom skills to fight for a fair settlement. Call our firm today to find out more.

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