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The law in the state and throughout the rest of the state says that a person or company who causes harm to another must provide full compensation for the losses that result from an incident. This applies regardless of the extent of your losses. Even in situations where an accident results in a death, responsible parties must provide full payments to surviving family members.

Talking with a Cleveland wrongful death lawyer could help you to pursue this compensation. Not only does an attorney at Smith Hulsey work to prove fault for an incident that resulted in a death, but they also aim to measure how the event has impacted your family and to demand appropriate compensation for your financial and emotional losses. There is a limited time under state law to pursue these cases following a death, so reach out to a lawyer now.

State Law Strictly Defines a Wrongful Death

Anytime someone dies, there is a significant impact on the surviving members of their family. However, as far as the law is concerned, a lawsuit or other demand for compensation is appropriate only under specific circumstances.

Under state law, a death is wrongful when it is the result of a negligent act, a crime, or defective property. A simple way to look at this idea is by evaluating the rights of a person had they survived the incident. If the decedent would have been able to pursue a successful personal injury lawsuit against another person or company, their family members have the right to demand compensation through a fatal accident case.

Common examples of incidents that may qualify as incidents of wrongful death include:

Consulting with a Cleveland wrongful death attorney allows families to further examine the details of someone wrongly dying and to begin building cases against at-fault parties.

Compensation Following a Fatal Accident in Cleveland

A fatal accident lawsuit’s purpose is to bring the decedent’s family the compensation that they need to bring stability and comfort back into their lives. While this is impossible from a practical standpoint, receiving fair compensation can help people to move forward with their lives.

All wrongful death cases will seek out payments to cover the economic losses connected to the event. This typically includes funeral costs and outstanding medical bills. Payments for economic loss can also involve missing income due to the death of a wage earner. A fatal accident attorney in Cleveland works with experts to place a proper dollar value on a family’s economic losses.

Family members may also demand payments for their emotional harm. This is a natural consequence of losing a loved one and will differ for each family. In many cases, people can demand payments for loss of companionship, losing a parent, their personal emotional traumas connected to the event, or loss of time with a spouse.

Speak with a Cleveland Wrongful Death Attorney Today

Losing a family member due to an accident or an act of violence is never an easy thing. You and your family will need to take time to adjust to your new reality and make adjustments in your lives. However, it is also vital to recognize that your family has legal rights. This may include the ability to pursue a wrongful death case against the person or company responsible for the incident.

A Cleveland wrongful death lawyer is here to take the lead in that case. They are prepared to explain your rights, investigate the incident, measure your losses, and demand full compensation through settlements and lawsuits. Give Smith Hulsey a call now to discover more.

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