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A paralysis injury can alter the course of your entire life. Despite how uniquely devastating injuries of this nature are, Georgia state law can restrict the rights of paralyzed accident victims to demand full restitution for their ensuing losses. Matters may become even more challenging if they try to pursue their claim without support from seasoned legal representation.

A Flowery Branch paralysis injury lawyer could be a vital ally throughout every stage of a lawsuit or settlement demand built around an injury of this nature. No matter what type of accident or specific form of physical harm resulted in your condition, a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney’s support could make all the difference in securing the most favorable case resolution possible. Call Smith Hulsey Law today to discover your legal options.

Recovering for Short-Term and Long-Term Losses

While any personal injury could result in substantial physical, financial, and emotional losses, paralyzing injuries and other “catastrophic” forms of harm are distinct in the fact that they are permanent and debilitating. Because of this, it is especially crucial while filing suit over a paralysis injury to account for the economic and non-economic effects this injury may have for years to come.

The specific losses a plaintiff could incorporate into their paralysis injury claim may vary depending on how they were injured and their life before their accident. For example, a desk worker who becomes paralyzed below the waist due to spinal cord trauma may still be able to work in their old job once they reach maximum medical improvement. However, a manual laborer might be permanently unable to hold employment due to the same injury.

Additionally, the nature of physical pain and lost quality of life a paralyzed person experiences will differ from case to case and may justify different compensation amounts accordingly. A Flowery Branch attorney could provide more specific estimates of a person’s paralysis injury case value during a private consultation.

How Could State Law Inhibit Recovery?

The same statutory filing deadline that applies to most personal injury cases also applies to paralysis injury claims, per the Official Code of Georgia § 9-3-33. If someone misses the deadline to start pursuing their claim, they will likely be time-barred from recovering any compensation for that particular injury.

As a paralysis accident attorney in Flowery Branch could affirm, Georgia’s approach to “comparative fault,” or a plaintiff’s liability for their injuries based on their own misconduct, remains in effect for claims of this nature. Any person found partly at fault for their own paralyzing injury may have their final damage award proportionately reduced based on their percentage of total blame. Anyone equally or more at fault than all defendants combined may be ineligible to recover anything at all.

Consider Working with a Flowery Branch Paralysis Injury Attorney

Becoming paralyzed by another person’s negligent conduct is an immensely traumatic experience. Fortunately, if you want to demand fair restitution for the harm you unfairly sustained, assistance is available from dedicated legal professionals.

Tireless representation from a skilled Flowery Branch paralysis injury lawyer could prove vital in protecting your long-term interests and prospects. Call Smith Hulsey Law today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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