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An accident leading to a traumatic brain injury can have devastating effects on the life of the injured party and their family. Insurance companies and legislation often consider them catastrophic because of the long-term or lifelong disabilities sufferers usually face after the incident.

The cost of care for brain injuries is astronomical. Thus, if a person’s negligent actions caused you or someone you love to sustain a brain injury, a Flowery Branch traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation from those responsible. Call a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney at Smith Hulsey today if you need help with your claim.

Possible Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can happen in two ways; through indirect force that causes the brain to strike the skull, or through direct blunt force. The symptoms of a brain injury are sometimes not immediately apparent and may take several weeks to emerge. The injuries can also range in seriousness, from mild to severe. Some of the common signs to watch for after head trauma include:

  • Confusion and memory problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty thinking or speaking
  • Slurred speech
  • Mood swings and mental health injuries, including depression and anxiety

A Flowery Branch attorney has the experience necessary to help an injured party recover a fair award amount for their traumatic brain injury.

Pursuing Compensation After a Traumatic Brain Injury

The lifelong suffering and effects of a traumatic brain injury can be devastating. Injured parties commonly lose the ability to care for themselves after the accident. Thus, the cost of medical care and other expenses are often remarkably high. After establishing liability in civil court, the plaintiff could collect an award to cover out-of-pocket costs and non-monetary damages.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Out-of-pocket expenses cover economic losses such as the costs of medical care, including doctor visits, surgery, rehabilitation, and daily maintenance, and the loss of salary. If the claimant cannot return to their position before the accident, they could also collect compensation for future earning potential and benefits.

Non-Monetary Damages

Aside from physical damages, a settlement amount could also cover injuries to mental health and well-being. Non-economic damages include losing the enjoyment of life, psychological pain and anguish, and physical pain and suffering.

A Flowery Branch traumatic brain injury attorney could help an injured party create a comprehensive claim for damages that addresses both out-of-pocket expenses and non-monetary damages.

Traumatic Brain Injury Help Legislation

The state provides protection and assistance for people who sustain traumatic brain injuries in accidents. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 31-18-2, a traumatic brain injury is a trauma caused by penetrating or blunt force trauma. The registry ensures injured parties are aware of the assistance the state offers.

Children and adults who are state residents who sustain traumatic brain injuries have access to information about rehabilitative care, living independently, and other services or goods. There are also programs in place, including The Return to Play Act for children and medical care for those with mental illness. An attorney in Flowery Branch could answer questions about this traumatic brain injury legislation and advise on the services available to them.

Call a Qualified Flowery Branch Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

A traumatic brain injury can have overwhelming consequences on every aspect of your life. If a person’s carelessness caused you or a loved one to sustain such an injury, it is important to know that you do have legal options.

You do not have to face this difficult time alone. Schedule a consultation with a compassionate and hard-working Flowery Branch traumatic brain injury lawyer today if you need help with your case. A skilled attorney at Smith Hulsey could answer your questions and handle the legal work while you focus on recovering or caring for a family member.

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