Head-On Collisions in Gainesville

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One of the most dangerous types of traffic accidents is a head-on crash, which occurs when the front ends of two vehicles collide directly. The impact of cars traveling in opposite directions can cause significant property damage and severe injuries to any drivers or passengers involved.

Because these crashes can be so devastating, injured victims may face hefty medical bills, as well as missed wages if they are unable to work while recovering. If you or a loved one was hurt in a crash, reach out to a skilled auto accident attorney at Smith Hulsey. A lawyer with experience handling head-on collisions in Gainesville could be a crucial source of support during this difficult time.

How do Front-End Collisions Occur?

In Gainesville, many head-on collisions are caused by changes in lanes, especially in Hall County and other areas with rural roads. For instance, some roads may have two lanes on one side and one lane going in the other direction. If the road narrows and a vehicle in the outside lane cannot get over in time, they may go over the double yellow line and cause a head-on car wreck.

Another common scenario for front-end collisions involves centerline passing lanes. It may be legal to cross into a lane for oncoming traffic to pass another vehicle in certain marked areas. However, if a driver cannot complete this maneuver in time or does not take extra care to watch for oncoming cars, they may collide headfirst into another vehicle.

Hazards Contributing to Direct Impact Crashes

There are many other common factors that could cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and swerve into oncoming traffic, including:

  • Sharp turns that become more and more angled
  • Rain or ice on the road
  • Unmarked lanes in intersections
  • Lack of proper signage indicating right of way
  • Deer or other animals jumping into the road
  • Lane alterations in construction zones

Any of these factors may contribute to a dangerous head-end crash, especially when coupled with driver error. If a motorist is distracted or driving under the influence, they may be unable to react to road hazards and lane changes in time to avoid a direct impact with oncoming traffic.

Assigning Fault for Head-On Car Accidents in Gainesville

Unlike rear-endings, which are usually caused by the vehicle in back, fault varies from case to case for head-on collisions. Typically, these incidents are caused by a failure to either maintain one’s lane or yield at an intersection. However, a skilled attorney in the area may investigate why a driver was unable to stay in their lane, since there are often other contributing factors.

In civil court or insurance negotiations, any police citations to either driver may impact who is found at fault for the crash. However, in Gainesville, multiple parties could be held liable for a front-end collision. For instance, a motorist may be found partially to blame if they could have slowed down after seeing another vehicle in their path, even if they were in the correct lane.

Call a Lawyer to Discuss Head-On Collisions in Gainesville

It is critical to get nearby legal assistance when pursuing compensation after a front-end collision. A skilled lawyer could help protect you from insurance agents or other adverse parties who may try to blame you for your own injuries and devalue your case. At Smith Hulsey, our attorneys are experienced in fighting for the victims of head-on collisions in Gainesville. Give us a call today to discuss your situation and learn how we could help.

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