Injuries in Gainesville Head-On Collisions

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Head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous types of car accidents, primarily due to the direct angle of impact. Drivers and passengers can suffer tremendous force to the face, head, and vital organs, causing catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Unfortunately, many front-end crashes occur at high speeds, making the damage even greater.

If you or a loved one was impacted by this type of traffic accident, reach out to a skilled attorney at Smith Hulsey. Our legal team is experienced in recovering compensation for injuries in Gainesville head-on collisions. We could tirelessly pursue civil action on your behalf so that you can focus on healing.

Dangers of Front-End Car Crashes

There are multiple factors that make head-on accidents so dangerous compared to other types of car wrecks. For one, the point of impact usually affects a victim’s face and the front of their torso, where the vital organs are located. Most vehicles also have heavy mechanical parts located between the front seats and the hood, such as the engine. These could crush or impale passengers in a direct impact collision.

Additionally, head-on accidents typically occur because neither driver had time to swerve and avoid the direct impact. This means that both vehicles were likely traveling at high speeds, increasing the force of the collision and ensuing damage.

Types of Injuries in Head-On Collisions

After a direct impact with another vehicle, drivers and passengers may sustain catastrophic injuries from hitting the steering wheel or airbags. The vital organs in the front part of the torso are particularly vulnerable to impacts with the dashboard, console, or other vehicle. If a person is not wearing their seatbelt, they may also hit the windshield and sustain scarring wounds from the glass.

These scenarios can result in the following injuries:

Because the body lunges towards the point of impact, a person is much more likely to be thrown from the vehicle in head-on collisions than in other types of accidents. Sadly, Gainesville residents who experience this type of accident are often left with significant or even lifelong injuries.

Medical Treatment for Direct Impact Car Crashes in Gainesville

After a severe head-on collision, an injured victim will often be referred for an X-ray or MRI. A front-end crash survivor may also need to visit a neurologist to ensure there is no nerve damage from spinal cord injuries. If there is any indication of a spinal injury, they may be referred to a neurosurgeon. For scarring and wounds to the face, a victim may wish to visit a plastic surgeon to repair the damage.

Because there are so many types of injuries that could result from a front-end car wreck, it is crucial for victims to know which doctors to go to. Recovery is often more successful the sooner a patient begins treatment, so it is important to seek medical advice immediately after the incident. A skilled local attorney could offer valuable guidance on health insurance claims and help an injured victim pursue compensation from those responsible for the head-on collision.

Documenting Injuries after a Head-On Crash

In order for a lawyer to pursue a civil claim for a Gainesville front-end collision, it is important for the victim to document their injuries and symptoms for several weeks afterward. This might include taking photos and collecting all relevant medical records. In a civil case, these forms of documentation are necessary to establish the losses a victim has suffered due to their head-on car collision.

Call a Gainesville Lawyer to Discuss Recovery for Injuries in Head-On Collisions

After a severe car crash, victims should first seek immediate medical treatment. Unfortunately, rehabilitation for injures in Gainesville head-on collisions may be ongoing or even lifelong, requiring significant medical costs.

The lawyers at our firm are experienced in fighting for the compensation a victim needs to comprehensively recover from their accident. If you or a loved one is suffering after a front-end car wreck, call Smith Hulsey today to learn how we  could be your dedicated legal advocates.

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