Role of a Gainesville Lawyer in a Head-On Accident

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If you were involved in a head-on car collision, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Not only are you recovering from severe injuries, but you also have to deal with mounting medical bills, property damage, and many other elements that come with being in a car wreck.

The diligent car wreck attorneys at Smith Hulsey can help you navigate all of the legal aspects following your front-end collision. To learn more about the role of a Gainesville lawyer in a head-on accident, reach out to our team today.

Obtaining a Gainesville Accident Report

A well-versed lawyer should get an accident report from the law enforcement agency that investigated the crash. A report like this can have many valuable pieces of information on is, such as statements given from witnesses. This report should also have information such as if there is a security camera nearby or video footage from the cars’ dash-cams.

A focused Gainesville attorney can also use their position to help collect other types of evidence from a front-end collision in addition to an accident report.

Gathering Other Types of Evidence

One of the roles of a trusted legal team is to look for if there is a dispute about who caused the wreck. If a there was a security camera nearby that may have captured part of the crash scene, that can be used as evidence to prove fault. If there is video footage of the crash, it will be crucial evidence for helping prove fault in a front-end wreck.

Often, video evidence is collected within the first few days following a collision. This type of evidence can usually be easily retrieved and viewed to see if it has any influence on deciding who is at-fault.

Interviewing Law Enforcement Officers

Another thing attorneys can do is interview the responding law enforcement officer to see if there is anything left out of their accident report or left undecided. If there is a follow-up investigation, it would be assigned to an investigator within that law enforcement agency for potentially further charges. A skilled Gainesville attorney’s duty allows them to work with law enforcement officers and investigators to uncover what caused the head-on automobile wreck.

Notifying Insurance Carriers

Apart from gathering evidence, a qualified Gainesville attorney’s job is to immediately notify all insurance carriers involved. A lawyer must talk to the insurance agent so that the injured person does not have to communicate directly with the agents and provide statements that may affect the investigation.

If the plaintiff committed any traffic violation themselves, then a legal team can coordinate with the prosecuting agency to try to make sure that criminal charges for the traffic violations do not impact their recovery in the injury claim.

Call to Learn about the Role of a Gainesville Attorney in a Head-On Accident

Getting severely injured in a front-end automobile crash can have devastating repercussions. Because you are likely healing from life-altering injuries, letting an attorney take care of the legal aspects of your case can have a tremendous impact on the aftermath of a wreck. To learn about the role of a Gainesville lawyer in a head-on accident, call Smith Hulsey today.

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