Mistakes to Avoid in Gainesville Truck Accident Claims

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As the self-proclaimed “Poultry Capital of the World,” Gainesville sees plenty of commercial truck traffic coming in and out of the area. Unfortunately, that means it also sees more than a few traffic accidents involving these tractor-trailers every year. If you were recently injured in a wreck like this, you know how devastating truck collisions can be, and you likely have questions about how best to pursue civil recovery for your crash-related losses.

While every truck accident case is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for achieving a favorable result from one, there are some best practices that could be applied to just about anyone trying to recover financially. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in Gainesville truck accident claims, all of which a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer from Smith Hulsey Law could help you navigate.

Leaving the Scene of the Crash Too Early

Under state law, anyone involved in any motor vehicle accident resulting in significant property damage or any injury requiring professional medical care must call police to the scene, remain at the accident site until they have exchanged contact and insurance information with everyone involved, and render aid to anyone who needs it by calling paramedics.

On top of avoiding mistakes or potential criminal charges, fulfilling these requirements immediately after a truck accident in Gainesville is also vital to building a strong civil claim over the incident. Taking photos of crash-related vehicle damages and injuries and getting contact information from witnesses to the crash who were not directly involved in it could likewise serve as key evidence in a lawsuit or settlement demand.

Not Getting Prompt Medical Care

Even if you feel fine, it could be a huge mistake after a Gainesville truck crash to wait any longer than necessary to get professional medical attention. Your doctor can make sure you receive the care you need for any physical trauma you sustained in the wreck, including injuries you may not have even been aware of. A truck accident attorney from our firm could then help you incorporate the costs of medical treatment you have already received and care you will likely need in the future into your civil claim.

Talking to Insurance Adjusters Without Legal Representation

Commercial truck companies are strategic when it comes to skirting liability for crashes caused by their own negligence or of one of their drivers, and the insurance companies who represent them are more than willing to use those tactics to save money at your expense. With few exceptions, you should never accept the first settlement offer given to you after a truck wreck in Gainesville, and you should be extremely careful about saying anything to an insurance adjuster other than objective facts they specifically ask about.

Our Gainesville Attorneys Could Help You Avoid Common Mistakes in Truck Accident Claims

Beyond all these procedural and personal errors, though, by far the biggest mistake to avoid in Gainesville truck accident claims is trying to demand the compensation you deserve by yourself. The civil court system is often confusing and unfriendly to injured people under the best of circumstances, and those without legal counsel on their side are much more likely to be pressured into taking a lowball settlement offer or even getting paid nothing.

Assistance is available from the tenacious attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law from start to finish of your legal proceedings. Call the firm today to find out more.

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