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Many people rely on medications to cure or manage various conditions and lead healthy lives. Sadly, some products may do more harm than good if they are inherently defective or unsafe. To make matters worse, pharmaceutical corporations spend millions of dollars on fighting civil litigation, making it nearly impossible for a victim to recover compensation without legal assistance.

If you were harmed by an unreasonably dangerous medication, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at Smith Hulsey. A Winder dangerous drugs lawyer could explain your legal options, determine an effective strategy for your circumstances, and work tirelessly toward a favorable case result on your behalf.

How do Defective Drug Lawsuits Work?

In order to hold a drug company liable through civil litigation, an injured plaintiff must be able to prove that they suffered physical harm as a direct result of an unreasonable defect in a specific medication. A variety of defects may give rise to a civil claim if they result in injury or illness. These could include:

  • Flaws in the drug’s design
  • Mistakes made during the manufacturing process
  • Failure by the make to warn consumer of known side effects and contraindications

It should be noted, though, that a medication not working as intended or not producing the intended effect does not necessarily justify a lawsuit. Because of this, it is always wise to discuss filing options with a Winder defective drugs attorney before trying to pursue this kind of case alone. A skilled lawyer at our firm could solicit testimony from medical experts, look for indications of negligence during a product’s development cycle, and combine various types of evidence into a comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand.

Mass Tort Litigation for Dangerous Medications

Another complex element of defective drug cases is that these products typically injure multiple people. The widespread release of a dangerous medication could cause harm to hundreds or even thousands across the United States, giving many plaintiffs the same reason for litigation.

In these kinds of situations, state law allows for multiple plaintiffs with similar or identical causes of action to combine their cases into a mass tort. This allows them to share evidence and legal resources with each other in pursuit of a mutually beneficial civil verdict. A dangerous drugs lawyer at our Winder office could help an injured victim decide whether joining or even starting such a lawsuit would be in their best interests.

Consult a Winder Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

Just like automobiles, children’s toys, electronic devices, and every other product sold to the public, defective prescription or over-the-counter medications have the potential to cause serious and sometimes irreparable damage to consumers. Whether it can be traced back to lax testing standards, unknown contraindications, or even intentional deception by a manufacturer, negligent drug companies should be held accountable for the harm their products cause.

If you or a loved one was hurt by a defective medication, seek dedicated legal guidance from the team at Smith Hulsey. A Winder dangerous drugs lawyer could provide crucial assistance and advice throughout the legal process of holding a drug manufacturer accountable. Call today to learn more.

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