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Car drivers and passengers have airbags, seatbelts, reinforced vehicle frames, and other safety equipment to protect them from injury in accidents. However, pedestrians rarely have any forms of protection against vehicular impact. Because of this, pedestrians involved in traffic accidents often sustain the most severe injuries.

If a negligent driver hit you while you were walking, speak to a Winder pedestrian accident lawyer about your options for holding them accountable. At Smith Hulsey, our experienced personal injury attorneys could investigate your accident, collect evidence of negligence, and tirelessly pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

Damages in Pedestrian Injury Cases

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents have a high risk of catastrophic injuries even when the vehicles involved are traveling at relatively low speeds. Victims often suffer painful wounds like soft tissue damage and broken bones. In more severe cases, injured pedestrians may suffer permanent disabilities or disfigurements that require years of expensive medical care and rehabilitation.

If a victim and their attorney can prove a driver’s negligence, they could seek restitution for every form of harm directly resulting from the pedestrian accident, regardless of whether it has an objective financial value. For example, comprehensive recovery following a pedestrian wreck often includes compensation not only for medical bills and lost work wages, but also for subjective damages like loss of enjoyment of life and physical pain.

Furthermore, if a driver strikes a pedestrian while engaging in egregiously negligent behavior, or if they intentionally try to cause a serious injury, a victim could also be awarded punitive damages. A skilled pedestrian accident attorney at our Winder office could further explain what kinds of damages may be recoverable in a particular situation.

Potential Difficulties in Winder Pedestrian Accident Claims

While motor vehicle drivers are often found at fault for pedestrian accidents, this is not always the case. If an injured pedestrian bears partial responsibility for causing or exacerbating their own damages, the court may proportionately reduce their recoverable damages in accordance with Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33. If a pedestrian is found more than 50 percent at fault for the accident, they may not be able to recover anything at all.

On top of that, O.C.G.A. §9-3-33 sets a two-year statutory filing deadline on all personal injury cases, including those based on pedestrian accidents. As such, it is crucial for an injured pedestrian to seek nearby legal counsel as soon as possible after their accident for help filing any potential claims.

Call a Winder Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Dedicated Support

If you were struck by a motor vehicle, you may be struggling with your physical recovery as well as the financial burdens of paying for medical bills. Pursuing legal action may seem impossible while dealing with everything else on your plate, but a civil claim may be the best way of recovering the compensation you deserve.

Let a Winder pedestrian accident lawyer handle your case and allow you to focus on healing. The dedicated attorneys at Smith Hulsey could work tirelessly to pursue a positive outcome to your lawsuit or settlement demand. Call us today to discuss your case and learn how we could represent you.

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