Difficulties with Worker’s Compensation Claims in Winder

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In Winder, if an employer has three or more employees regularly in service, they are required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This insurance is meant to compensate workers for any injuries or illnesses that result from their job duties.

However, there are many potential difficulties with worker’s compensation claims in Winder that claimants should be aware of. If you suffered an on-the-job accident, work with a knowledgeable attorney at Smith Hulsey. Our legal team could walk you through the process and help you avoid any mistakes that could hurt your case.

Important First Steps after a Winder Workplace Injury

After a worksite accident, the first thing to do when it is safe is to immediately report the incident. An employee should notify their supervisor or designated representative of all of their injuries.

Next, an injured worker should reach out to nearby legal counsel to help file a WC-14 notice of claim with the state board of worker’s compensation. This initiating document preserves a person’s right to pursue benefits and prevents the statute of limitations from running. A skilled lawyer could help navigate the online integrated claims management system to properly file this notice.

Potential Issues to Avoid when Filing a Worker’s Comp Claim

It is crucial for an injured employee to cover several bases after a workplace injury to ensure that they will be able to successfully obtain worker’s compensation. For one, they should have proof in writing that they reported the accident and their injuries to their employer. This notice should be as detailed as possible so that no aspect of their injuries can be denied later on.

Additionally, an injured worker should seek medical care as soon as possible after their accident. This may require the worker to ask their employer for a panel of approved physicians so that medical costs can be covered by the employer’s insurance. A knowledgeable attorney could offer further advice on these important steps to prevent difficulties when claiming worker’s compensation down the line.

What to Do if You Cannot Return to Work after an Injury

If a person is unable to return to their job after a severe workplace accident, a seasoned attorney could help them negotiate a settlement to cover the future medical treatment and benefits that they are entitled to. Then, the injured worker could find a less strenuous job with a different employer that accommodates their new limitations.

If a Winder resident is left permanently disabled and unable to do any type of work, they may worry about providing for their families and paying for the medical care that they need. In this situation, a lawyer could help them file for Social Security Disability Income to ensure that they are able to move forward with their life.

Protecting Yourself from being Taken Advantage of by Employers

When pursuing worker’s compensation, the best an injured employee can do is to hire a seasoned law firm like Smith Hulsey. A skilled lawyer could assess the strength of a claim and explain exactly what types of benefits a person is entitled to. This kind of knowledge and experience is key in protecting against unfair tactics by employers or insurers and obtaining the full value of a case.

Sadly, many employers and insurance companies will try to take advantage of injured workers to minimize their payouts. As such, it is essential to hire a lawyer who understands the nuances of these cases and could fight for a fair amount compensation on a worker’s behalf.

Call a Winder Attorney to Avoid Difficulties with Worker’s Compensation Claims

Before pursuing your worker’s compensation claim, speak with a dedicated attorney. At Smith Hulsey, we do free consultations with injured employees to go over the facts of their cases and determine the viability of their claims. Learn more about common difficulties with worker’s compensation claims in Winder from a skilled member of our team. Call today to give yourself the best chance of getting the compensation you need.

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