Clarkesville Traffic Laws

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Most Georgia residents are aware that it is illegal to speed or text and drive. However, there are numerous traffic laws throughout our state. Every day, motorists are given citations. While some of these laws may occasionally be frustrating when it comes to your daily commute, abiding by Clarkesville traffic laws is essential for keeping yourself and everyone else on the road safe. For this reason, our diligent automobile accident attorneys offer a breakdown of the most significant traffic violations.

Reckless Driving Poses a Threat to All Motorists

Reckless driving is when a person operates a vehicle in a way indicating they do not care for the harm such actions could cause others or themselves. Any careless driving offense can land a person in jail for a year and fines around $1,000. Also, if the incautious driving harms others, the jail time could increase to a lengthy prison sentence.

Driving Under the Influence

Drinking while under the influence (DWI) is a form of reckless driving and is when a person is driving a vehicle while having a blood alcohol limit (BAC) of .08 percent or higher.


Both drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts. Children eight or younger must be in a booster or safety seat. The ticket fee for not wearing a seatbelt is $15, and $50 for not having a child in a safety seat.


Speeding is when a motorist accelerates a vehicle above the legal speed limit sign on a road or highway. Speed tickets vary, and penalties start at 5-10 miles, which is a charge of $25. Ten to fourteen miles over is $100. Fifteen to eighteen miles is $125. Nineteen to twenty-three miles is $150. For twenty-four to thirty-three miles over, the price is $500.

Someone in Clarkesville who gets hurt by a motorist who was breaking any form of traffic law should contact an attorney as soon as possible for help with pursuing compensation in a civil claim.

License and Insurance Requirements

Per state traffic laws, anyone operating a motor vehicle in Clarkesville must have a valid license, insurance, and registration. In situations where an individual’s license was destroyed, lost, or misplaced, they have roughly 30 days to get a replacement, renewal, or reinstatement. Such a person would then have to attend their court hearing with the paperwork showing a resolution of their license issue.

Anyone whose license is under revocation or suspension has 30 days to resolve their licensing issue to avoid a ticket for operating a motor vehicle without one. New residents to Clarksville have 30 days to surrender their license and obtain a new one from the local Department of Transportation office. The penalty for those driving without a valid license is up to a year in jail and fines ranging between $500-1,000 dollars.

Insurance Requirements

Georgia requires both liability and personal damage coverage. Liability generally refers to harm to another; for bodily injury, the amount is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Property damage is $25,000 per single incident. Though Georgia does not require physical damage insurance, a driver can get comprehensive or collision coverage for physical damage to their car. An attorney’s assistance may be invaluable when trying to collect adequate compensation after an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Speak With a Clarkesville Attorney About Traffic Laws

Clarkesville traffic laws are intended to promote a smooth flow of traffic that does not compromise the safety of any motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians. When someone fails to follow these laws, they risk causing catastrophic harm. Outside of any criminal penalties, people who are injured by reckless motorists can use a traffic violation as evidence of negligence in civil court. Call Smith Hulsey Law to learn more about traffic laws and how they may apply to your case.

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