Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Clarkesville

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Every vehicle has blind spots. Given the size of tractor-trailers, these vehicles have more and larger blind spots than your average passenger car. Many motorists find themselves weary when driving next to trucks on highways, largely because they fear the truck driver is not able to see them.

Commercial truck drivers are expected to abide by strict regulations to keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe. Part of these regulations is receiving proper training about how to handle a big rig’s blind spots. When a trucker does not receive adequate training or neglects safety measures, they risk causing devastating injuries. After a blind-spot truck accident in Clarkesville, consult a skilled attorney about your options for financial recovery.

Avoiding Truck Blind-Spots

Blind spots are the areas around a truck that the driver is not able to view through their side and rearview mirrors. In regular cars, drivers typically have blind spots on the back left and back right side of their vehicles. However, 18-wheelers have additional blind spots along the sides of the vehicle, and all these blind spots are substantially larger. Big truck operators are strongly encouraged to look out their windows and use other measures to confirm there are no motorists in their blind spots before they make maneuvers.

Some ways regular vehicles can steer clear of semi-truck blind spots are:

  • Maintain 30-40 feet of distance from trucks
  • Cautiously watch the truck’s driver
  • Do not pass from the right lane
  • Keep lights on bright at night
  • Beep the horn when suspecting a truck driver is about to make a reckless maneuver

If a trucker does not take proper measures to check their blind spots, leading to an accident, a Clarkesville attorney may be able to collect compensation for injured parties.

Vicarious Liability

Vicarious liability is a legal principle that means an employer can be held responsible for their employee’s actions on the job. This legal theory derives from the concept of agency, which means that the employer is a principal who delegates authority to the agent employee to act on behalf of the business.

In the context of a tractor-trailer crash, the trucking corporation is the principal, and the truck driver is the agent. If a trucker crashes into a motorist because they failed to take precautions to check their blind spots, an injured person may be able to take legal action against the driver’s employer.

Furthermore, if the truck had a manufacturing defect that contributed to the collision, the motorist could sue the vehicle manufacturer. A Clarksville blind-spot truck accident attorney could exhaust all possible options for getting an injured individual the compensation they need and deserve to afford high-quality medical care without financial stress.

Call a Clarkesville Attorney After a Blind-Spot Truck Accident

The right lawyer could make all the difference in your case. At Smith Hulsey Law, we give every case the time and attention it needs to succeed.

If you or a loved one were injured in a blind-spot truck accident in Clarkesville, an injury attorney from our firm could help you understand your legal options during an initial consultation. Schedule an appointment by giving us a call, stopping by our office, or submitting a contact form.

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