Rollover Truck Accidents in Clarkesville

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Rollover truck crashes often happen after a trucker travels too fast around curves or suddenly attempts to change direction. Commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers, have high centers of gravity, which increases their chance of turning on their side. Because these collisions are among the most dangerous, they could leave other motorists with life-threatening or fatal injuries. When they happen due to negligence, the court will hold the liable party financially accountable.

Our well-versed truck accident attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law have years of experience in handling cases involving rollover truck accidents in Clarkesville. When you are involved in a wreck, we could help you pursue compensation.

Understanding the Risks of Improper Loading

Improper or overweight cargo loading is a significant cause of rollovers and is an entirely avoidable error. When the freight is off balance, it is likely to shift inside the trailer, which could lead to severe crashes with catastrophic consequences if the driver loses control. The cargo may also slide around and move when the party loading the truck fails to secure it.

Those factors, combined with a trucker taking a sharp turn, can lead to a traumatic accident for everyone involved. The federal and state governments work to prevent rollover truck collisions in Clarkesville by strictly regulating the industry, including limiting the weight of freight a truck may carry and how to load the vehicles properly.

What Are the Causes of Rollovers?

Studies conducted by governmental agencies, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA, report that close to 80 percent of semi-truck rollovers happen because of trucker errors and are the leading cause of fatalities in truck-related crashes.

The most common rollover truck collision causes include:

  • Poor training
  • Fatigued truckers
  • Roadway hazards
  • Reckless truck operation
  • Distracted truck operation
  • Poorly maintained vehicles
  • Improper freight and cargo loading
  • Driving too fast during bad weather or over the speed limit

Clarkesville truck drivers must receive extensive training before getting behind the wheel and learn how to prevent rollover truck crashes. When a negligent trucker causes others to suffer harm, injured people have the right to pursue damages in civil court. The experienced lawyers at our firm could help build a solid case and collect a fair award for damages.

Establishing Fault After a Semi-Truck Accident

Establishing fault after a semi-truck accident is a crucial step toward collecting a settlement and could be more complex than other car crash lawsuits. Depending on the specifics of a case, there may be one responsible party, or the lawsuit may list multiple defendants. The potentially liable parties could include:

  • The truck operator
  • Third-party drivers
  • The trucking company
  • The vehicle manufacturer
  • The cargo maintenance company
  • The company responsible for loading the cargo

The investigation to determine liability could be complex and time-consuming. Our Clarkesville lawyers could gather the driver’s log for time behind the wheel, speak to experts and witnesses, and do a rollover truck accident recreation as a part of the investigation process.

Meet With a Practiced Attorney About Clarkesville Rollover Truck Accidents

When a truck driver’s negligence causes a crash and you sustain injuries and losses, personal injury laws will hold them legally and financially accountable.

Contacting a local lawyer at Smith Hulsey Law who is skilled in rollover truck accidents in Clarkesville could help you make this process easier during this difficult time. We could take on the legal work and investigation to gather crucial evidence and prove fault. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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