Jackknife Truck Accidents in Clarkesville

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Jackknife truck accidents in Clarkesville are often the cause of substantial pileups. A jackknife situation occurs when a tractor-trailer makes an abrupt stop, causing the back of the vehicle (the trailer) to swing around and make an L shape. While the trailer swings, it may crash into buildings, other vehicles on the road, and even pedestrians on sidewalks.

When you or someone you love gets hurt because of a truck driver’s disregard for road safety, call a truck accident attorney at Smith Hulsey Law for legal support.

Driver Error and Jackknife Truck Crashes

Commercial truck drivers must be extremely cautious on the road due to the size and weight of their vehicles. While there are big rig operators who exercise appropriate care when driving, many truckers do not. In some situations, objects in the road or inclement weather cause a commercial driver to crash; however, most jackknife truck crashes in Clarkesville occur because of driver error.

Examples of driver errors include a trucker making a wide turn and then trying to overcorrect to the point where the trailer either tips over or suddenly swings in the middle of traffic. These accidents can happen in a flash and lead other motorists to crash into one another as they try to brake quickly in response to a swinging tractor-trailer.

Jackknife truck accidents can also happen when a semitrailer driver is:

  • Driving too fast
  • Distracted
  • Tired
  • Failing to watch blind spots
  • Slamming on the breaks

These actions are more likely to result in great bodily harm to other motorists and cause property damage. A supportive lawyer could conduct an investigation to determine whether a particular driver’s, company’s, or vehicle manufacturer’s errors caused a crash.

Proving Economic Responsibility

To recover compensation through an injury claim, a plaintiff and their attorney must be able to prove any injuries were caused by negligence. The specific elements of negligence in personal injury cases are:

  1. The trucker had a duty to exercise ordinary care
  2. The trucker failed to act exercise this case
  3. This breach of duty resulted in direct or proximate harm

Compensable damages in a successful claim often include payments for exact medical bills, long-term care, and lost income. Punitive damages may also be available. These damages are to penalize the driver or trucking company for their harmful acts. Examples of punitive damages include the suspension of the trucker’s CDL license.

A knowledgeable Clarkesville attorney could gather physical and testimonial evidence to prove negligence was the primary cause of a jackknife truck collision.

Beware of Insurance Adjusters

After a jackknife truck crash, the trucking corporation that employs the involved trucker will seek to compile a name of all the individuals who were harmed in the incident. They will then provide this list to their insurance company, which may offer these individuals initial settlements. The sole purpose of this effort is to negate legal responsibility by urging injured people to accept unfair offers while barring them from bringing further lawsuits.

A dedicated attorney could handle negotiations with insurance companies on an injured survivor’s behalf. A lawyer could dispute claims a potential plaintiff contributed to their own injuries. If a trucking company and its insurance carrier refuse to offer payouts, a legal professional could pursue fair compensation in court.

Meet With a Clarkesville Attorney After a Jackknife Truck Accident

Commercial trucks transport most of the goods we love and enjoy. While many truckers strive to be upstanding drivers, others get tired, bored, or neglect their responsibilities. When truckers and companies fail to keep others on the road safe, they should be responsible for paying for the consequences.

After a jackknife truck accident in Clarkesville, call Smith Hulsey Law. During your initial consultation, our team could learn how this incident affected your life to start building your legal claim.


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