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Motor vehicle accidents can be shocking and traumatic experiences even if they do not lead to any serious long-term injuries or losses. In the event that a roadway collision does leave one or more people severely hurt, the repercussions of this single incident could last for months or even years afterwards. Recovering comprehensively for those damages through civil litigation is often an immensely complex endeavor.

Fortunately, help is available from a Dawsonville car accident lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours successfully in the past. With support from a skilled attorney at Smith Hulsey, you could have much better chances of establishing fault for your injuries, accurately valuating related losses, and securing fair compensation for the harm you suffered.

How Fault and Liability Work in Traffic Accident Claims

To hold someone else financially accountable for an auto accident, an injured plaintiff generally must prove that some form of “negligence” by their named defendant directly caused the crash in question. This specifically involves demonstrating that all four elements of legal negligence were present in the incident:

  • A duty—which can be implicit or explicit—to act in a reasonable and safe way
  • A “breach” of that duty by the defendant through careless or reckless actions
  • Direct causation of the accident in question through that breach of duty
  • Direct causation of the plaintiff’s compensable losses through that accident

Every motor vehicle operator in Georgia has a “duty of care” towards other people on the road that requires them to follow traffic laws and otherwise act rationally behind the wheel. However, proving a specific violation of this responsibility can be a complex process.

Comparative Fault for Car Collisions

Additionally, Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33 grants civil courts the authority to reduce recoverable compensation for any plaintiff found partially to blame for the circumstances that led to their injuries. As such, countering allegations of comparative fault can be crucial to effective recovery as well. Assistance from a Dawsonville car accident attorney could make the difference between a successful case result and a missed opportunity to recover any restitution at all.

How Long Does a Car Crash Victim Have to File Suit?

Another element of state law that can complicate civil recovery efforts after car wrecks is the time limit imposed on these kinds of claims. Under O.C.G.A. §9-3-33, most car crash victims have a maximum of two years after an incident to start pursuing litigation.

Depending on the circumstances, the start date for this filing period may be when the car accident actually occurred or when the prospective plaintiff first discovered their injuries stemming from that incident. However, there are also some exceptions to this rule under specific circumstances that a car crash lawyer in Dawsonville could further explain.

Talk to a Dawsonville Car Accident Attorney Today

The process of seeking fair civil recovery after a severe auto accident is never a simple one, nor is it an easy effort to undertake while you are still recovering from the physical, financial, and emotional repercussions. Enlisting skilled legal counsel can help reduce your burdens and maximize your odds of a positive resolution.

At Smith Hulsey, a Dawsonville car accident lawyer could discuss your filing options during an initial consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.

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