Side Impact/T-Bone Car Accidents in Dawsonville

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Side impact wrecks, also known as T-bone accidents, often happen in an instant. These collisions may have tremendous force, with the two vehicles going in different directions, often at high speeds or while accelerating. The result is that motorists are frequently hurt, confused, and disoriented after the accident, which could make it difficult for them to recall the events or collect information from the other driver or witnesses.

When you have been injured in a side-impact/T-bone car accident in Dawsonville, speak with an experienced auto collision attorney from Smith Hulsey Law for help with your case. Our legal team could guide you through the process so that your claim has the maximum chance of success.

What Are Side-Impact Collisions?

When the front of one car hits the side of another, it is known as a side-impact wreck. Sometimes, the rear of one car could hit the side of the other vehicle, though these accidents are less likely to be at high speeds. They are more common in parking lots, where a driver reversing out of a parking space fails to stop for a car already in the lane.

For a side-impact collision to occur, one party must fail to observe the right of way in Dawsonville. Depending on the circumstances of the wreck, that driver can hit the other or get hit.

Injuries in Side-Impact Collisions

Not every T-bone wreck leads to severe injuries. Some people may not be injured, while others may have bumps, bruises, scrapes, and minor cuts. However, these collisions are likely to lead to severe injuries, and if they happen with sufficient force, they could result in crush injuries. Other potential injuries may include:

Not all of these injuries may appear immediately. After an accident, people may have high levels of adrenaline or be in a state of shock, which could suppress their body’s stress response and pain receptors. Additionally, swelling may increase the severity of an injury over hours or days.

Seeking Immediate Care

First responders may appear on site after a side-impact collision in Dawsonville. Regardless, an injured motorist should get immediate medical care and follow up with their doctors after a couple of days to ensure all their injuries are treated. Having this information on file could help provide valuable evidence for an injury claim.

Fault in Side-Impact Collisions

Generally, the person who fails to yield the right-of-way is at fault in a side-impact collision in Dawsonville. For instance, when one driver fails to stop at a stop sign or stop light or stops but then enters the intersection prematurely, they may hit motorists following the rules. Regardless, determining which vehicle had the right of way is more important than determining which car hit the other.

When a diligent lawyer from our firm tries to determine fault in a T-bone accident, they will look at the right of way. To do so, they may need to speak to witnesses about the accident or see if any photos or videos document it.

Meet with a Dawsonville Lawyer To Discuss Your Side-Impact Accidents

When you have sustained an injury in a side impact/T-bone car accident in Dawsonville, you may wonder whether you can recover from those injuries. It is prudent to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer from Smith Hulsey Law who could review the accident and help you understand your remedies.

Call a well-versed attorney today to learn more about your compensation options during an initial consultation.

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