Rear-End Car Accidents in Dawsonville

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When a person is involved in a rear-end car accident in Dawsonville, they may face significant financial, physical, and emotional harm. The person who caused the accident should be responsible for those damages. After sustaining an injury from a rear-end wreck, you should speak with an experienced car accident attorney from Smith Hulsey Law, who could help you explore all potential remedies.

Our skilled legal team could also explain the role of fault and contributory negligence in back-end wrecks and advocate for you so that compensation is just. With support from our understanding attorneys, we will strive to ensure that your voice is heard.

Understanding the Impact of Tailgating

Georgia Code § 40-6-49 prohibits a vehicle from following another one too closely, also known as tailgating. The law explicitly states that automobiles should maintain a reasonable following distance. To determine whether the following distance is safe, the driver should consider factors like the speed they are traveling, traffic conditions, and road conditions. While the statute does not mention weather, it is essential to road conditions. Inclement weather not only hampers visibility but can also increase stopping distances.

While many rear-end accidents happen in low-speed environments in Dawsonville, like traffic stops or signals, tailgating accidents frequently happen at high speed. Other types of driver negligence, like drunk driving, distracted driving, and drowsy driving, can also increase the likelihood of a tailgating accident.

Accidents at Intersections

Rear-end accidents often happen at intersections because drivers sometimes ignore changing lights and hit the car in front of them in Dawsonville. Additionally, they may not notice that the car in front is not moving quickly and misjudge the stopping distance.

While the following driver is usually responsible in a rear-end collision, the lead driver is sometimes to blame. Sometimes, a driver will move into an intersection and realize they are blocking the right of way. Instead of moving forward, they may put their vehicle in reverse, causing them to hit the car behind them.

Injuries in Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions in Dawsonville can result in significant injuries. People may experience:

While other accidents can lead to whiplash, it is highly associated with car accidents. Whiplash happens when an abrupt force causes a person’s head to move forward and then whip backward. The symptoms of whiplash do not always appear immediately and can appear days after an accident from symptoms like upper back or neck pain or headaches. Even if a motorist feels alright after an accident, it is prudent to seek medical attention to ensure that any injuries are documented for a potential claim.

Get Help From a Dawsonville Attorney With a Rear-End Collision Claim

Rear-end car accidents in Dawsonville have the potential to lead to expensive, life-changing, painful, and could lead to traumatic injuries. An experienced lawyer from Smith Hulsey Law could help you pursue the maximum compensation for a claim.

Our local legal team will listen to the facts of the accident, explain your remedies to you, and familiarize you with the claims process. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

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