Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Dawsonville

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Poor weather and driving conditions, such as high winds, ice, or rain, can make the roadways hazardous for all vehicles, and that is particularly true for massive semi-trucks. The size and weight of 18-wheelers make it more challenging for them to stop, and it can cause severe damage to everyone around them when accidents occur.

Truckers and the companies employing them are legally obligated to use caution and act reasonably to prevent harm to others, including taking precautions during inclement weather. A well-versed truck accident attorney at Smith Hulsey Law could give you more information about seeking compensation for bad weather truck accidents in Dawsonville as it relates to your situation.

Requirements for Extreme Caution in Bad Weather

Truckers must undergo extensive training for their commercial driver’s license (CDL), and part of that training is learning the proper actions to take during bad weather. The instruction provided under the Code of Federal Regulations 49 § 392.14 states that commercial truck drivers must use extreme caution while traveling in hazardous weather and driving conditions.

Depending on the weather severity, the law may require them to reduce speed or find a safe location to pull the vehicle over and wait until the conditions improve. During bad weather, Dawsonville truckers must also use extra care when breaking and leave additional room between themselves and cars to prevent a crash. While pre-trip inspections are always required, when there is inclement weather in the forecast, they should use extra care to inspect the vehicle closely and ensure they are prepared for emergencies.

Common Truck Crash Injuries

When truckers do not take extra caution when driving during poor conditions, injuries could happen to other people as well as themselves. Some of the common injuries people sustain during inclement weather truck crashes in Dawsonville often include:

The severity of the injuries depends on the specifics of the accident, such as the speed the vehicles were traveling, and the number of motorists involved.

Potential Recoverable Damages

While there is no standard settlement the injured person may recover, collisions involving trucks are often severe, and the monetary damages may be significant. The court may award compensation for the following:

  • Lost earnings, benefits, and earning potential
  • Physical pain, emotional distress, and suffering
  • Permanent disability, scarring, or disfigurement
  • Loss of society, the enjoyment of life, and consortium
  • Prescriptions, medical equipment, and transportation costs
  • Medical expenses, ongoing care, treatments, and surgical procedures

Our lawyers are local to the area and are knowledgeable about Dawsonville’s bad weather truck crashes. We could help gather the essential evidence to establish fault and help collect the maximum award for damages.

Talk to a Skilled Attorney About Dawsonville Bad Weather Truck Accidents

State and federal regulations require that commercial truck drivers use extreme caution while traveling during inclement weather. When they fail to use caution as necessary, other people who have sustained bodily harm and property damage have the right to hold them financially accountable for their losses.

Civil legislation could entitle you to compensation when you are in a crash with a negligent trucker. Meet with a compassionate lawyer at Smith Hulsey Law today for help with a case resulting from bad weather truck accidents in Dawsonville. We are happy to schedule an initial consultation at your convenience.

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