Jackknife Truck Accidents in Dawsonville

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The size and design of tractor-trailers make them vulnerable to jackknife wrecks. This type of collision happens when the trailer part of a tractor-trailer moves independently from the cab, opening and closing in an “L” shape. Jackknife truck accidents in Dawsonville often lead to severe accidents, which can cause significant injuries to any motorists in their path.

When you have been injured in a jackknife accident, you may wonder about your potential remedies. The trucker is often responsible, but third parties could also share liability. Poor maintenance, bad road conditions, and other drivers can all contribute to jackknife accidents. A diligent truck accident attorney at Smith Hulsey Law could help you explore your potential claims so you can focus on healing.

How Jackknife Accidents Happen

Tractor trailers are massive vehicles. The average semi-truck is around 6,000 pounds and around 15 feet long. In contrast, a fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and be 72 feet long. Some trailers are even heavier if permitted for overweight or heavy loads.

Size is essential for jackknife accidents, as momentum and inertia play a crucial role. Momentum refers to the tendency of a body in motion to stay in motion. Inertia is the tendency of a body to want to stay in the same position. So, if a trucker hits the brakes on their vehicle and the cab wheels lock, the trailer wants to continue moving. It does so by swinging out from the rear of the trailer. The trucker no longer has control of the trailer, and the movement of the trailer, which is much heavier than the cab, leads to the accident. By understanding how these forces can impact vehicles on the road, Dawsonville drivers can be better prepared to respond to signs of a potential jackknife truck accident.

Jackknife Collisions Could Lead To Other Wrecks

Jackknife accidents can also lead to rollovers. A rollover accident can occur whenever a force impacts the center of gravity, causing one or more wheels to leave the ground. That can happen in a jackknife accident, particularly if the truck is going fast at the time of the accident or if the road is slippery.

Understanding Possible Injuries

A jackknife truck collision can quickly spread over multiple lanes of traffic in Dawsonville, striking other vehicles and potentially rolling over, too. A person can be injured by direct contact with the cab or trailer, in a secondary accident with a vehicle hit by the truck, crushed in a rollover, or an accident trying to avoid the rollover.

The range of potential injuries is vast. A person could escape without any injuries but likely experience at least bruises, scrapes, and bumps. Other injuries include:

The injury’s nature and severity are essential when determining adequate compensation ranges. While two people may have injuries from the same truck accident, the financial and emotional costs of their injuries can be very different. A well-versed lawyer from our firm could look at an injured person’s condition and prognosis to help estimate a fair settlement range.

Talk to a Dawsonville Lawyer About Your Jackknife Truck Wreck Claim Today

When you or a loved one have been injured in a jackknife truck accident in Dawsonville, understanding the available options for recovery can be overwhelming while facing expensive medical bills or dealing with emotional trauma. It is crucial to act soon as the statute of limitations limits the ability to make claims.

Our compassionate lawyers at Smith Hulsey Law could explain any potential remedies, outline fault, and help you understand a fair compensation range for your injuries. Schedule a consultation with our legal team today.

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