VESPA/Motor Scooter Accidents in Gainesville

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Georgia law treats motorcycles, mopeds, VESPAs, and other motorscooters differently. Understanding these legislative differences can help you understand potential liability after experiencing a wreck, as compliance with the applicable laws can help determine negligence, which impacts the determination of fault. In these instances, a practiced motorcycle accident attorney could help you hold the negligent parties accountable financially.

The law states that motorcycles are all vehicles with a saddle for the rider and an engine size of 51 cubic centimeters (cc) or greater. Therefore, the law treats mini-bikes, mopeds, scooters, trikes, and motorbikes as motorcycles if their engine is at least 51cc. However, if the scooter’s engine has a capacity of less than 50cc, the law treats it like a scooter. When you have sustained an injury in a collision, a Smith Hulsey Law attorney could help you understand the role of traffic laws in determining liability in VESPA/motor scooter accidents in Gainesville.

Understanding How Engine Displacement Impacts Classification

There are several ways to classify motorcycles, motorbikes, or related vehicles. However, according to Georgia law, engine displacement is the most crucial factor, as any bike-like vehicle with a displacement of 51cc or greater is a motorcycle in the eyes of the law. A lower displacement means the vehicle may be considered a moped.


Moped riders must follow the same rules as motorcycle riders, including using DOT-approved motorcycle helmets. However, they cannot travel on streets with speed limits over 35 mph and cannot go more than 30 mph on straight surfaces. Moped riders do not have to have insurance.


Under Georgia law, a scooter is a vehicle with an engine displacement over 50cc. Therefore, the law treats them like motorcycles, regardless of their name or other designation. Operators must have motorcycle licenses and carry the required liability insurance.


VESPA is a name brand for a type of scooter. They come in various engine sizes, including a 50cc size. Under state law, the 50cc VESPA would qualify as a moped. However, the larger models would qualify as scooters and be subject to applicable motorcycle laws.

Vehicles may be manufactured, marketed, and sold under a particular designation that does not reflect their identification under state law. However, understanding how engine displacement impacts responsibilities can help people avoid being found negligent in Gainesville motor scooter accidents.

Injuries in VESPA and Motor Scooter Accidents

Just like motorcycle riders, operators of mopeds and scooters are at a high risk of sustaining an injury even when wearing a helmet and protective gear and complying with applicable laws. Some of the common injuries include:

These injuries may lead to expensive medical bills, time away from work, an inability to engage in gainful employment, or even death. When someone’s negligence led to those injuries, they may be financially responsible for damages related to economic losses and non-economic losses. Economic damages may include medical bills, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. Non-economic losses might cover pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of consortium.

In rare instances, the negligent party may be liable for punitive damages. Our Gainesville attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law could perform a detailed investigation and help an injured person understand their available options for pursuing compensation after a VESPA accident.

Our Gainesville Attorneys Could Help Your Pursue Compensation After a Motor Scooter Accident

When you have sustained an injury in a VESPA/motor scooter accident in Gainesville, it may have caused you to incur expensive medical bills as well as cause tremendous disruption in your life. You may have even found it difficult or impossible to return to work.

Our compassionate attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law could advocate for a fair recovery on your behalf while you focus on healing from your injuries. Schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable lawyers at Smith Hulsey Law to learn about your available legal options.

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