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Making the decision to move a loved one into a nursing home is never easy. Even after taking every possible precaution to visit locations and investigate the history of a facility, injuries that impact the physical and emotional health of residents remain a constant threat.

The fact is that nursing homes in Oakwood and throughout the state have an obligation under the law to protect their residents. This includes not just providing proper medical care but also preventing injuries that could result from accidents or abuse. Residents who suffer harm because of a failure to adhere to this duty have the right to seek out fair compensation for their losses.

An Oakwood nursing home abuse lawyer could take the lead in seeking these payments. At Smith Hulsey, our skilled attorneys could help residents and their families to better understand their rights under the law, investigate the incident that led to the injury, and demand proper payments in and out of court.

What is Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home abuse injuries often come about from neglect or a simple failure to keep a resident safe. A lack of proper care can cause serious accidents and injuries, such as:

The law says that nursing homes have an absolute duty to prevent foreseeable harm from affecting their residents. As a result, injuries that result from neglect give residents and their families justification to demand compensation.

Abuse in Oakwood Assisted Living Facilities

Sadly, abuse is rampant in nursing homes. These facilities routinely place residents under the care of nursing assistants who have minimal training and busy schedules. As a result, the temptation is always there to cut corners or to leave residents to their own devices.

The most extreme examples of this involve incidents of intentional abuse. Workers may intentionally leave residents in dangerous positions or use unapproved restraint methods. They may even withhold food, water, or essential medications.

What to Do for Suspected Nursing Home Abuse

Residents or relatives should reach out to the police if they feel that an intentional act of violence or neglect was the source of an injury. Additionally, an Oakwood nursing home abuse lawyer could take the necessary steps to hold nursing homes and their abusive workers responsible for these incidents. An Oakwood nursing home abuse attorney could work to discover the cause of an accidental injury and to seek out payments through settlements or litigation.

It is important that an injured resident or family member act quickly. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 9-3-33 gives people only two years from the date of an injury to demand compensation. Reaching out to a nearby nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible gives them the best chance of helping.

Contact an Oakwood Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

Injuries and preventable illnesses are a constant threat to the well-being of nursing home residents. Not only do nursing homes have an obligation to prevent accidental injuries, but they must also take proper precautions against hiring predatory staff members. A failure to fulfill either of these obligations means that a resident and their family may pursue a claim for compensation.

An Oakwood nursing home abuse lawyer could help you and your family to collect these payments. At Smith Hulsey, we take care of every necessary step to protect your legal rights, investigate the incident, and seek out fair payments through settlements or lawsuits. Give us a call today to get started.

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