Front-End Car Accidents in Winder

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Any car accident is unnerving. You may experience physical harm and psychological harm, especially if you were hit head-on. Your finances may suffer, too, especially if you miss work and insurance does not cover the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

These challenges may become all the more stressful when you know another driver’s careless actions caused them. After a front-end car accident in Winder, injured parties have the right to take legal action against the negligent driver. Once your injuries are treated and your health is stable, a car accident attorney from Smith Hulsey Law can discuss your options for pursuing compensation.

Front-End Car Crashes Are Often Catastrophic

Front-end car collisions are less common than side or rear-end crashes, but they often cause more devastating injuries. When a moving vehicle collides with a stationary object, the vehicle is designed to absorb much of the impact. When two vehicles crash head-on at high speeds, they cannot absorb enough energy to mitigate the damage. The drivers and passengers absorb the energy as their bodies continue forward through the windshields.

Some common front-end crash scenarios include:

  • Drivers accessing the interstate using the wrong-way off-ramp
  • Drivers passing on two-lane roads or in no-passing zones when a bend in the road obscures oncoming traffic
  • Drunk or distracted drivers drifting into oncoming traffic

A detail-oriented front-end car accident attorney could piece together the elements of a crash to establish how the at-fault driver acted negligently.

Establishing Negligence in a Civil Claim

All drivers are legally required to act responsibly on the road. This duty includes following all traffic laws and other statutes, being vigilant for traffic issues, and driving safely to avoid accidents. A driver breaches this duty by breaking traffic rules such as speeding or texting while driving or by simply failing to pay attention to the road at the wrong moment.

If a driver’s negligent behavior is the cause of a head-on crash, the driver and passengers in the other car have the right to file a civil lawsuit. A skilled injury lawyer in Winder could seek compensation on behalf of someone who was injured in a front-end car collision.

Modified Comparative Negligence May Affect Compensation

According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-12-33, courts must evaluate the actions of everyone involved in a crash to assign liability. If one driver was drunk and speeding, but the other was trying to pass on a two-lane road, both drivers will be assigned a measure of fault.

An injured party must be less than 49 percent responsible for an accident to collect damages from the driver who bears more fault. If the injured plaintiff is less than 49 percent liable but is still assigned a portion of the blame, courts will reduce the total amount of compensation available to them by this percentage of comparative fault.

Call a Front-End Car Accident Attorney in Winder to Pursue Compensation

If you experienced debilitating injuries in a head-on car crash, you may face challenges paying for your medical care while missing wages during your recovery. When another driver’s actions are the cause of your crash, you could be eligible for compensation from that driver or the driver’s insurer.

Our aggressive injury attorneys have experience securing fair compensation in cases like yours. Call Smith Hulsey Law today to learn how our legal team could help clients after a front-end car accident in Winder.

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