Insurance Settlements for Winder Car Accidents

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Not all vehicle crash cases go to trial. One of the most common ways for a case to resolve is through an insurance settlement. Settling a case rather than going to trial allows for negotiation regarding compensation outside of a court room. A knowledgeable automobile collision attorney at Smith Hulsey could help you learn more about insurance settlements for Winder car accidents.

How is an Automobile Collision Settlement Calculated?

A settlement value in the state is calculated primarily based on the injured person’s medical bills. Medical bills are a type of economic damages that have a calculable monetary amount to them. Other than medical bills, the next factor is pain and suffering. Physical pain and emotional suffering are a form of non-economic damages for which monetary value is not as easily assigned.

A skilled Winder attorney at Smith Hulsey could help someone determine all available damages in a settlement claim for their car wreck.

Economic Damages

Economic damages include medical bills and lost wages. These are hard numbers that can be calculated by reference to some proof of the exact dollar amount of loss. Because these damages are exact numbers, they are easier to calculate than non-economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages consist of primarily pain and suffering. They also can include lost enjoyment of life, lost companionship, and humiliation. This is a subjective amount of money that determines how to compensate someone for having to endure their injuries and ensuing medical treatment.

Punitive Damages

Another part of non-economic damages that can affect a settlement value is the potential for punitive damages in severe cases. Punitive damages are distributed if the harm is caused by an intentional act or with reckless indifference to the consequences. These are primarily in cases involving DUI or other types of reckless behavior and are meant to punish the offender.

Possible Obstacles in Settling a Winder Vehicle Crash

Someone trying to receive compensation for their losses may encounter an adjuster that asserts there is no insurance coverage for their settlement. Carriers deny coverage or drag out the process of investigating the coverage to try to dissuade someone from thinking a settlement is likely to occur.

Insurance companies might also try to assign someone partial fault for the automobile accident that led to their injuries. Unfortunately, many people believe that if their own insurance company says that they are partially at fault, they do not deserve the full value of their losses. However, that is not true. Their assertation is not legally admissible and cannot be held against them if the case goes to trial.

Just because someone’s insurance company deems them partially at fault, it does not mean that they legally are. A well-versed Winder attorney must know how to combat these challenging claims during a vehicle crash settlement.

Enlist an Attorney Familiar with Insurance Settlements in Winder Car Accidents

Insurance settlements are a great way to avoid spending money and time on a trial for your automobile wreck. Although you could receive an ample amount of compensation for your losses, you need a diligent attorney who knows the details of insurance settlements in Winder car accidents. To learn more about your legal options, call Smith Hulsey now.

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