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Although all vehicle crashes can be serious, there are certain types that are more likely to cause devastating repercussions. One of the more serious types of wrecks is a side impact accident.

If you were injured in a wreck like this, a Winder side impact car accident lawyer could help fight for your rights and win you the compensation you deserve. A caring automobile collision attorney at Smith Hulsey could help you get started on your claim as soon as possible.

What is a T-Bone Crash?

A side impact collision, also known as a T-bone crash, is when one vehicle hits the side or doors of another. These impacts can be particularly dangerous because the sides of a vehicle do not have protective safety equipment.

These types of crashes are called T-bone accidents because the letter “T” depicts how vehicles collide in this type of case. Usually, it is the front end of one automobile crashing into the driver’s side door or passenger’s side door of the other. A knowledgeable attorney in Winder could help someone determine if their wreck was a side impact crash.

Common Patterns in Winder Side Impact Collisions

There are certain events that are more likely to cause a T-bone crash than others. Running a red light, failing to yield, not staying in the proper lane, and speeding could all cause a wreck like this.

Running a Red Light

The most common cause of a T-bone wreck is running a red light. Similar situations involve two-way stop signs where one road does not have a stop sign and the cars on it have the right of way. If an intersection permits cars on one road to have the right of way because they do not have a stoplight or yield sign, cars on that road do not have to yield at all. Sometimes, there is confusion in those kinds of intersections, such as if the driver thinks they are at a four-way stop when it is only a two-way stop.

Failure to Yield

On the other hand, if the driver who has the stop sign does not stop or yield, a T-bone accident could occur. The person who caused the crash may be on their phone or intoxicated, or simply think that they had a right of way. Because of this, drivers must be vigilant in these kinds of situations to avoid a collision. If someone is given a ticket for not yielding, then they are going to be 100 percent at-fault for the accident.

A qualified attorney at Smith Hulsey could determine if there is any ticket against the defendant party for not yielding in a Winder T-bone collision case.

Not Staying in the Proper Lane

Another cause of side impact wrecks are the failure to stay in one lane, especially while turning across an intersection. The safest intersections have hash-mark dotted lines where drivers can see what lane they are supposed to be in as they move through a complex intersection. A lot of the time, inexperienced drivers, intoxicated drivers, or those unfamiliar with the area enter an intersection not realizing where the traffic is supposed to flow.


Speeding is another cause of side impact accidents. People are supposed to obey all the laws that are applicable to them, including driving the correct speed. If someone is speeding to such an extent that they cannot slow down to avoid the accident, then they will likely be held responsible.

Enlist a Winder Side Impact Car Accident Attorney Now

If you were injured because a car hit into the side of your vehicle, you deserve fair compensation for your losses. Contact a Winder side impact car accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn how you can fight for the damages you received in your incident. Call Smith Hulsey today to learn more about your legal options.

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