Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Clarkesville

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Although operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% for adult drivers is illegal, and convicted offenders can face harsh legal penalties, drunk driving car accidents in Clarkesville still occur with alarming frequency. When an intoxicated motorist has injured you, it is wise to contact a skilled car accident attorney from Smith Hulsey Law for help understanding your available options for pursuing a claim.

There is no excuse for a motorist getting behind the wheel and driving drunk. If a drunk driver hurt you or someone else in your family, our dedicated legal team could help you fight for justice and fair compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

Types of Injuries Resulting From Driving Drunk

Drunk driving can result in severe car accidents in Clarkesville that may cause devastating injuries for everyone involved, such as:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Broken, mangled, or crushed limbs
  • Head injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury
  • Severe internal organ damage

Physical and emotional injuries can result in unrelenting pain, medical costs, and forced time away from work. As lawyers of the people, our attorneys take the time to meet with people who have been in an accident to learn about how the collision has affected them to pursue a fair settlement offer that could improve their lives. The legal team at Smith Hulsey Law has won three separate million-dollar recoveries for clients in the last three years. Sadly, some people lose their lives in drunk driving accidents. When this happens, our compassionate team could fight to hold the responsible parties accountable in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Potential Defendants in a Drunk Driving Crash Case

The Clarkesville driver who chose to operate their vehicle while drunk is the first potential defendant or person who holds fault. However, there can be additional parties who hold some of the responsibility for the crash as well. For instance, if a bar or social host overserved the driver alcohol, they could face legal consequences. If they were a commercial driver, such as a bus or truck driver, their employer could be liable for their employee’s wrongful conduct.

Our diligent lawyers could carefully examine any available evidence to see if anyone might share liability for the crash with the intoxicated motorist to give a chance of securing maximum compensation for any injuries.

Call a Clarkesville Attorney After Your Drunk Driving Accident To Understand Your Legal Options

Through their years of successfully representing people harmed by drunk drivers, the experienced attorneys at Smith Hulsey Law have developed a deep understanding of the physical, mental, and financial toll that drunk driving car accidents in Clarkesville can take on a family. Our qualified legal team could work tirelessly to pursue a settlement figure or damages award that considers the challenges you face now and in the future.

Call our firm today to speak with a tenacious lawyer. We would be happy to schedule an initial consultation at your convenience.

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