Rollover Car Accidents in Clarkesville

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While top-heavy vehicles like SUVs are at a higher risk for rolling than other passenger vehicles, any automobile can roll under the wrong circumstances. When these rollover accidents happen, they can lead to severe injuries or death. While automobile design and safety improvements have reduced that number, it has not been enough to eliminate the danger of rollovers altogether.

When you have been injured in a rollover car accident in Clarkesville, speak with a tenacious automobile collision attorney to understand how to file a claim for damages. An experienced lawyer from Smith Hulsey Law could provide fact-specific information about your case and guide you every step of the way.

Exploring the Causes of Rollover Car Wrecks

Several risk factors can make a rollover car wreck more likely in Clarkesville. The first is the center of gravity. Vehicles with a higher center of gravity are more top-heavy, and when those vehicles turn on the road, the shift in force has a greater pull on the top of it. At high speeds, it can lead to one or more tires leaving the ground, which increases the odds of it tipping.


When a vehicle hits an obstacle like a curb, pothole, or roadside shoulder, a tire can leave the ground and cause a tripping collision. Notably, tripping accidents often combine the obstacle and an underlying defect, such as a tire with deformed sidewalls.

Tire Malfunction

Tires play a massive part in rollovers. They need a good grip to stay on the road and prevent the car from sliding or skidding. If a tire’s grip is excessive, the sideways force can lead to a rollover. The less grip a tire has, the more likely it is to slide.

Injuries in Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover accidents come with a high risk of severe injuries or death. Common injuries include:

Anyone in a Clarkesville rollover car wreck should seek medical attention, regardless of whether they have apparent injuries. Due to shock effects, people may not notice all their injuries at the time of the accident. Some injuries, like TBIs or internal organ damage, may not have obvious symptoms.

Talk to a Clarkesville Lawyer About Your Rollover Car Accident Claim Today

In addition to being high-risk, rollover car wrecks can also be challenging for financial recovery. While another driver may be at fault, road maintenance, vehicle design, and tire design can all impact the accident. An injured motorist may have potential claims against multiple sources, which can boost their potential for recovery. Working with a practiced attorney who understands how to handle these cases is crucial.

At Smith Hulsey Law, we take pride in representing everyday people. We will fight to get you the recovery you deserve. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation about your rollover car accident in Clarkesville.

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